CCL Podcast #385 – Wally Wood’s Crime & Horror and Sci-Fi HCs

Collected Comics Library Podcast #385 31.8Mb; 34m 41s Host Chris Marshall / @ChrisCCL Collected Comics Library Topics Wally Wood’s Eerie: Tales of Crime & Horror HC and Wally Wood’s Strange Worlds Science Fiction HC both by Vanguard Productions, X-Men Days Of Future Past (film), Bill Watterson on Pearls Before Swine by Stephen Pastis – Collected […]

CCL #191 – Trading The Defenders

Collected Comics Library Podcast #191 29,254Kb; 30m 56s In preparing for the show this week, I decided that I would cover the 100th Marvel Masterworks The Defenders Volume 1. Little did I realize that it was actually missing the first three try-out pseudo teams-ups from Doctor Strange #183, Sub-Mariner #22 and Hulk #126, all […]

CCL #190 – Politics In Comics – Superman: The Dark Knight

Collected Comics Library Podcast #190 33,336Kb; 35m 17s This October many Comic Book Podcasts are joining up and featuring the theme of Politics In Comics. The CCL is no exception and is happy to participate. But as a solo podcaster, it’s hard to debate myself, so I had to dig into the Library and […]

CCL #189 – 2008 Harvey Award Collected Edition Winners

Collected Comics Library Podcast #189 33,351Kb; 35m 18s Last minute change for me this week but you won’t even notice the difference. I was going to review Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom: Doomquest, in honor of the Iron Man DVD release this week (and the Premiere Hardcover of Part Three from last week), but […]

CCL Podcast #188 – Hellboy Library and Others

Collected Comics Library Podcast #188 35,836Kb; 37m 57s As I mentioned in Monday’s blog, I get a lot of collected editions and because of that many (err most) of them go on the back burner. That is exactly what I did with The Hellboy Library Volume 1 (Dark Horse). I’m ashamed that I did […]

CCL Podcast #187 – Jack Kirby’s Silver Star and OMAC

35,232Kb; 37m 19s I’ve got a jammed packed show for you this week on the show. As I promised, the feature is Jack Kirby’s Silver Star (Image Comics), but I also throw in a bonus review of his O.M.A.C.: One Man Army Corps (DC Comics). I did so because the two main characters, Morgan […]

CCL Podcast #186 – 2 Marvel Masterworks

Collected Comics Library Podcast #186 25,902Kb; 27m 37s The first thing I should tell you about this weeks’ episode is that I was planning on reviewing 3 Masterworks not 2. I even went as far as to record the third part of the feature, but I decided to cut it all out during editing, […]

CCL Podcast #185 – Sinestro Corp War Vols. 1-3

Collected Comics Library Podcast #185 36,454Kb; 38m 37s Looking at the feedback I received from last weeks episode, many of you enjoyed the surprise and the change of pace. My thanks again to Rosh and Dean of the Prosperous Artists Podcast, and while I’m at it thanks to 11 O’clock Comics, John Mayo and […]

CCL Podcast #184 – Prosperous Artists

Collected Comics Library Podcast #184 9,466Kb; 20m 11s For this week’s show I break format and present to you an interview of which I was the subject of on the Prosperous Artists Podcast (#102), a business marketing and motivational podcast. Earlier in the week I sat down with hosts Rosh Sillars and Dean La […]

CCL Podcast #183 – Halfway Through American Flagg!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #183 32,143Kb; 34m 01s The CCL Podcast is back in action after a two week hiatus. While I was away on vacation I finished reading the Essential Luke Cage Volume 2 (Marvel) and part of American Flagg! (Image and Dynamic Forces), which is the topic for this week’s show. I […]

CCL Podcast #182 – The Complete DC New Frontier

Collected Comics Library Podcast #182 36,080Kb; 38m 13s It’s been in along time in the making, but it’s finally here – my big DC New Frontier Podcast. Today on the show I go over everything that is involved including The Absolute, the 2-Disc DVD and the New Frontier Special. All the contents, all the […]

CCL Podcast #178 – Ex Machina Deluxe HC

Collected Comics Library Podcast #178 34,560Kb; 36m 25s Sometimes a comic book comes along and makes you think. It makes you think about the world you live in; makes you think about your own life and makes you think about comic books in general and how they definitely are not just for kids. Writer […]

CCL Podcast #177 – Wizard World Chicago 2008 and some Marvel Horror

Collected Comics Library Podcast #177 29,527Kb; 31m 13s This week on the show I tell you all about my adventures at Wizard World Chicago 2008. Including the people I met, the Comics Podcasting Panel and all of the collected editions that bought at unbelievable discounts – Legion of Monsters HC (Marvel), Essential Horror Volume […]

CCL Podcast #176 – A Look at DC Comics 2009 Collected Editions

Collected Comics Library Podcast #176 42,690Kb; 36m 12s This week on the show I give a full rundown of the DC Comics January/1Q 2009 Collected Editions. I blogged about this a few days ago and I have yet to come up with a source for the list so take it with a grain (or […]

CCL Podcast #175 – The Hulk Collected Editions

Collected Comics Library Podcast #175 41,596Kb; 44m 06s On this week’s show, I celebrate all things Hulk. I give a rundown of some of the essential collected editions you should read (or better yet – own). I even talk about the early days of Kirby and Lee, through the Peter David run and right […]