Feed It Comics #39 | Who’s Doing What Now?

http://feeditcomics.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-06-23T17_24_04-07_00.mp3 Doc and Father Shepherd welcome back fellow honorary cult member John Litrell from Burnt Wieners fame! There was no keeping him away from podcasting altogether and we are better off for it.   This episode we speculate on Nathan Fillion’s confirmed “cameo” in Guardians of the Galaxy, Daniel Radcliffe’s desire to be Robin, Rian Johnson […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 168 Uncanny X-Force – Red Sonja – Rogues

Bo and Weed are mysteriously not to be found, but John gets Aaron and Andrea to fill in and they talk a shitload of comics, forget to do a shoutout to Keith and Shane, and talk a little bit about clones and if they are uncut or not. Check out Andrea and Aaron at the […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 149 Guardians of the Galaxy – FF – Punisher

  In the most Marvel heavy episode the Weiners have had in a long time, they all learn a little more about the dark place in their souls and their love of an alien love story. No tentacles were used in the making of the love scene. Intro & Outro Music: “Horsefeathers” by Bo ***This […]

Burnt Weiners – THN 103: Abandonment Issues – John Guest Hosts!

Podcast: Download Welcome to Episode 103 of the Two-Headed Nerd Comicast, now with 100% less Matt Baum! This week, John Littrel, THN Love Slave and co-host of the Burnt Weiners comic podcast, joins Joe in the Ziggurat to discuss the current DC Comics/Orson Scott Card controversy, the end of Geoff Johns’ nine-year run on Green […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 146 Son of Merlin – Red Team – HeMan

  Fresh off their tour with Bon Jovi and Good Charlotte, The Weiners make a vow to never return to the deviant ways from being on tour. 20 minutes later they are in bed with sheep and dropping shrooms. This still was not as deviant as the tour. Intro & Outro Music: “Horsefeathers” by Bo […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 143 Star Wars – Action Comics

The Weiners return to doing what made them internet famous: pretending to be drugged squirrels that can’t climb trees! EDITORS NOTE – After the show was edited, we found out Jim Zub is sadly not going to be working on Birds of Prey as mentioned on the show. We think this is a big missed […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 142 – Favorites of 2012

  The Weiners talk about some of their favorite comics from 2012! Bo enrages John a few times, Weed teaches Bo that the secret to eternal life is cake making, and John enroids (that is a word) Bo a few times. Also, special guest appearance by Mikel J. Foxsky, the 80’s hearthrob from Russia! Intro […]

Burnt Weiners – Puns Ruin Friendships and Bo

Another December Minisode (sorry, a smidge late due to power outages). Bo flies solo in this episode where he talks a bit about RIFTS: Machinations of Doom, WARHAMMER: Crown of Destruction and even has some trivia for the listeners to answer! Another fun skit at the beginngin written and produced by Bo! Check out the […]

Burnt Weiners – Punishearer and Weed

Welcome to one of our December minisodes! In this episode you get to hear John’s awful voice acting on The Punishearer (written by Weed and produced by Bo), and then Weed talks some Hellboy, old comic book cards, and a little bit of gaming! Outro Song: “17 ad 53” by Danielle Ate The Sandwich http://danielleatethesandwich.net/ […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 141 BPRD – Witch Doctor – Talon

  The Weiners reunite for their last show together for 2012! But never fear, there will be a few minisodes dropping over the next few weeks. No monkeys were tortured in the making of this podcast. Intro & Outro Music: “Horsefeathers” by Bo ***This Show Will Contain Spoilers*** 0:00:45 – Intros & Vag Monsters! 0:03:50 […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 140 Frankenstein – Judge Dredd – Hulk

  Bo and John send Weed packing and do an episode that is one for the record books! Filed under “saddest and most depressing” Intro & Outro Music: “Horsefeathers” by Bo ***This Show Will Contain Spoilers*** 0:00:45 – Intros and Killer Klowns! 0:02:31 – Is It Wednesday Yet?* Read Hard & Put Away Bagged . […]

Burnt Weiners vs Pull List vs Floating Bunnyhead

Better late than never! The Weiners invade the Pull List, and leave the door for Jonathan Sims to sneak into the Pseudoradio Studio! Everyone talks about crossover comics, laugh in a very cruel manner at John, and then by the end of it they all decide to go back to their respective canon. Floating Bunny […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 136 Punisher – Locke and Key – Talon

  As Weed prepares to batten down the hatches to prepare for some terrible weather, John and Bo practice their baton routine. THIS IS THE YEAR THEY WIN THE BIG STATE CHAMPIONSHIP! Intro & Outro Music: “Horsefeathers” by Bo ***This Show Will Contain Spoilers*** 0:00:45 – Intros and NO RETAKES! 0:03:25 – Is It Wednesday […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 135 Finding Gossamyr – BPRD – Peanuts

Intro & Outro Music: “Horsefeathers” by Bo ***This Show Will Contain Spoilers*** 0:00:45 – Intros! 0:04:10 – Is It Wednesday Yet?* Read Hard & Put Away Bagged . . . And Boarded 0:15:45 – Finding Gossamyr #2 (Th3rd World) 0:22:55 – Before Watchmen Minutemen #4 (DC) 0:27:03 – Peanuts #3 (KaBoom) 0:31:59 – The Cape […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 133 Accent UK – Swamp Thing – Spiderman

Intro & Outro Music: “Horsefeathers” by Bo ***This Show Will Contain Spoilers*** 0:00:45 – Intros! 0:07:30 – Is It Wednesday Yet?* Read Hard & Put Away Bagged . . . And Boarded 0:21:26 – Animal Man #13/Swamp Thing #13 (DC) 0:24:27 – Pathfinder #2 (IDW) 0:28:05 – Danger Club #4 (Image) 0:32:08 – Crow #4 […]