Ep. 187 – Len Kody & Jenny Frison

Around Comics steps back in time to 1968 with writer Len Kody and artist Jenny Frison to talk about their new project Chicago 1968. It’s an episode filled with interesting historical facts and explanations on how those facts are used in a true fiction series. Len also lets us know about his other upcoming project […]

Around Comics Ep. 186 – A Damned Good Time

This week Chris and Tom are joined on the panel by Len Cody and Hank! Top of the Stack recommendations include Action Comics, 1985, Batman: Nine Lives and Kick Ass. We check in with writer Cullen Bunn and find out about The Damned hitting the big screen and the future of one of our favorite […]

Around Comics Ep. 185 – W.W.T.S.D.

Around Comics returns to the friendly confines of Chicago and gets right back in the groove with Top of the Stack recommendations including Young Liars, Glamourpuss, Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman Confidential. Join Sal, Chris and Tom as we welcome Eric Houston to the panel and find out how he started writing for Back […]

Around Comics Ep. 184 – Emerald City ComiCon pt. III

It’s a special double sized episode from Seattle’s Emerald City ComiCon! The gang finishes up their coverage of the convention. Listen in for conversations with Greg Rucka, Shane White, Chris Moreno, Jeffery Brown, Adriana Ferguson, Mark Sable and more! Check back next Monday as we return to Chicago and Dark Tower Comics. Download this Episode […]

Around Comics Ep. 182 – EMCC pt. I

This week we’re coming to you from the floor of the Emerald City ComiCon! Join Chris, Sal, Tom and a cast of thousands as they cover all of the happenings of the premier comic convention of the Pacific Northwest. Top of the Stack is back with recommendations on 100 Bullets, Rann Thanagar: Holy War, Miracle […]

Around Comics Ep. 181 – Con Men

Join in as we continue the conversation from last week’s return episode. Tom, Chris, John Siuntres and Chris Burnham talk about the recent New York Comic Convention and the build up to Iron Man. Chris caught up with comics legend Neal Adams to chat about the developments in the Superman case and the perils of […]

Around Comics Ep. 180 – The Return

Around Comics returns with an all new episode from Chicago. Join Tom, Chris, Mark and Nixon’s Pals artist Chris Burnham. Top of the Stack reviews include Fun Home, Nixon’s Pals, She-Hulk and JSA Classified. After being attacked by the Dark Tower guard dog, John Siuntres drops by to reflect on the New York Con and […]

Around Comics Ep. 179 – James Kochalka

Join Professor Jeremy Mullins and some of his graduate students from the Savannah College of Art & Design as they talk to indie and journal comics legend James Kochalka! The crew gets Kochalka to talk about his process and his views on comics in addition to writing and singing a brand new song, live, right […]

Kryptographik : Episode 22

Kryptographik Podcast Episode 22 Kryptographik is a trans-continental podcast featuring Brian (in the U.S.) and Damian (in Australia), providing news, reviews, and commentary regarding science-fiction, dark fantasy and horror, in and out of comics. In our 22nd podcast, we respond some voice messages, review Warren Ellis’ Freak Angels and Gravel, and finally give away those […]

Around Comics Ep. 176 – S.C.A.D. Scabs

On this special-guest episode, join Professor Jeremy Mullins and some of his graduate students from the Savannah College of Art & Design as they break it down old-school to give us a very Bizarro-world rendition of Around Comics. Listen in as the roundtable takes us in the wayback machine and does their best AC impression. […]

Around Comics Ep. 174 – Old & Busted

On another ad-hoc episode, our heroes Tom, Skottie and Sal have no idea what they are going to talk about, yet somehow they do it for over an hour anyway, First up, we discuss Top of the Stack picks including Northlanders #3, Popgun Vol. 1, Josh Howard’s Sasquatch Anthology, and Skottie talks about Jumpers and […]

Around Comics Ep. 173 – Spillover

On this spillover episode Sal cuts together some clips from previous recording sessions. First up, the crew gets hungry as Sal invents the next great redneck snack food, Skottie introduces us to Cowboy Cool-Beans, we discuss Chicago’s utter lack of good seafood, we insult Canada…again, especially the pizza, Chris grosses us out with his favorite […]

Around Comics Ep. 172 – Rick Remender Returns

Around Comics welcomes Rick Remender. The multi-talented creator of Fear Agent, Strange Girl, Sea of Red, Sorrow, The End League and more talks about his past and ongoing projects. The Quiet! Panelologists At Work continue their A to Z of British comics and Jeremy Mullins returns with a new web comics recommendation. Tom Katers take […]

Around Comics Ep. 171 – Cat Bites Dog

This week, on another roundtable, our heroes Chris, Tom, Sal and Skottie, jump the Rio Grande and get in some trouble. On Part I of this extra-long roundtable, the panel discusses their top of the stack picks including Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot, Fell Vol. 1, Punisher Max Vol. 1, Nextwave: Agents of HATE […]

Around Comics Ep. 170 – Eric Powell, Gerry Duggan & more.

Around Comics welcomes Eric Powell, the creator of The Goon. Join us for a conversation about his new graphic novel, dog attacks and knives to the eye. Later in the program we catch up with Gerry Duggan to talk about the WGA strike and his new project with Phil Noto called The Infinite Horizon. The […]