Cold Beer and Comics Episode 31: Sleaze

What’s sleazier: The Taschen Big Book of *****? Or two of our hosts defending Mel Gibson? You decide! Sit down and warm up by the fire. The neon pink lights of the city offer no protection from this show. We are talking sleaze. You’ll hear our favorite album covers, memorable movie posters, and the subversive […]

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 30: Regretisode

Drinkers and Collectors Remorse!  Ever trade a Yak-Face for a Sgt. Savage?  Sell your X-Men #1 for weed?  You’re among friends.  Come in and share. 0:02:26 – Drinker’s Remorse 0:08:25 – What are you drinking? 0:14:05 – Collector’s Remorse 0:41:57 – News 1:01:30 – Beer/Comic Pairing 1:03:08 – Reviews Play in new window | […]

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 29: An Old Kentucky Christmas

We get a little bit drunk at the Cold Beer and Comics office Christmas party. Join us as we talk about our favorite holiday traditions, our best and worst picks, and read some tender letters to Santa. Raise your glass to toast the yuletide season and remember that sexy beast, Charles Bronson. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE 0:11:18 […]

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 28: In Space

On this episode, our phasers are set to fabulous as we talk all things sci-fi outside the Star Wars universe. In space, no one can hear you scream, but they can hear us laugh all the way from Nimbus 3 to Xenomorph Prime. Grab a pint and join us for a journey beyond the stars. […]

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 27

The gang celebrates Halloween with beers, comics, and lots of laughs. Join us for a pint! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:28:10 — 51.4MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

  We talk Fan Expo, 80s Nostalgia, Polarizing Movies and so much more. And we have four of us on board for the first time in a while! 0:25:51 – Worlds Collide! 0:35:22 – Beer Review 0:42:44 – News 0:59:20 – Beer/Comic Pairing 1:02:30 – Reviews Play in new window | Download (50.7MB)Subscribe: iTunes […]

Episode 25: Bask in the Fangasm! This is a fun one. What do Indiana Jones, Drive and Psycho have in common? How do three “grown men” still find time for obsession, aggression and manic depression? Crack a cold one and step into Dr. Freud’s office. Reviews: Trail #1 Rat Queens Vol. 1 Uncle Scrooge #217 […]

Cold Beer and Comics: Episode 24 Force to Force

It’s here! Episode 24: Force to Force! A revolting sour ale, revelling in Lex Luthor, ridiculing X-Men, remembering Anton Yelchin and revealing why Justin Lin may be responsible for our friendship. Books discussed: Lex Luthor: Man of Steel; James Bond: Vargr; Dark Night: A True Batman Story; Coward: Criminal, Vol. 1 Play in new […]

Cold Beer and Comics 23: Lynch is Dead

On a very special episode of Cold Beer and Comics … is Lynch dead? SPOILER WARNING: No, he isn’t. But a new crew takes the reins this month while the guy who began it all takes a break. Enjoy as a whole new crew sits down with Marsh to talk about all the things we […]

Episode 22!

WE’RE BACK! After a wee hiatus we have returned. We sit down for a pint and chat about all the latest comic book action from Hollywood. Marsh is over his seasonal effective disorder and Lynch wants to kiss everyone’s back. Thanks for waiting for the new show! Play in new window | Download (24.3MB)Subscribe: […]

Freak Out

Jimmy and Dan are back to talk some comics and some other nonsense, join us and find out! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:17:22 — 106.3MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 19: The Force Awoke (SPOILER REVIEW)

Corey and Christ sit down to sip a beer and talk about the latest Star Wars film.  They warm-up with a little chat about the X-Men and Batman vs. Superman trailers. They move into TV talk where Marsh assures Corey that Sam Raimi is delivering a satisfying product with his Evil Dead show. The bulk […]

CB&C Episode 18: Dead Pets and Other Furry Beasts

  Eighteen! Our highest-numbered episode yet! It’s a good one! We have a Bigfoot sighting as we chat with Josh Henaman, the writer of Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman from Action Lab and play beer or bullshit. Naturally, all the other nonsense is still present so don’t be worried. Also – Corey reviewed Dead Vengeance […]

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 17: Chainmail and Ale

Cold Beer and Comics Episode 17: Chainmail and Ale Force Friday came and went and our excitement for The Force Awakens is greater than ever. Here’s what we talked about on this show. 4:40 Beer of the Week: Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale 8:05 News: Corey feels like Nostradamus as we revisit some of his greatest […]

Dumb As Florida

It’s the time again folks, another episode headed your way! We talk Comics, Wrestling, “Fantastic” Four, chicken parm, and guns? Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:17:40 — 106.7MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS