Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 052 – “Saying Goodbye”

At two and a half hours, we may have decided to call our last episode The Long Goodbye. Don and Jerry are sending you off with a few laughs, some memories, a bit of background on the show, comic book discussion (of course), and talk about what’s next for the infotainers. We’ve had a blast […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 051 – “Books We’re Talking About Now”

Max Beckman is back for another round of reviews and comic book discussion. We are reading a handful of new minis and ongoings as well as discussing some of our favorite titles from the last two weeks. Cape Town Comic Discussion 00:10:50 National Comics: Eternity #1: We both loved this one-shot by Jeff Lemire. 00:14:55 […]

Cape Town Extra: “The Dark Knight Rises Review”

It is the finale to one of the most critically and financially successful trilogies of all time and we’re discussing what we loved, what we liked and what had us puzzled. Max Beckman joins Don to discuss The Dark Knight Rises, and we set some time aside to discuss the Man of Steel teaser. Song: […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 050 – “Nifty at Fifty”

Max Beckman joins Don again to discuss the latest comics and the biggest news spinning out of Comic Con International. From the latest news on Marvel’s Second Phase of movies to the Man of Steel panel, we are up to our ears in Con Discussion. But we’ve got the lowdown on the comics as well! […]

Cape Town Extra: “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Jerry is back for this special edition episode featuring our review of The Amazing Spider-Man. Did we love it? Did we think it was mediocre? Did we think it was awful? We’re not telling here gang! For that you’ll have to listen to the show, which we think is pretty… amazing! Song “Spider-Man and His […]

Cape Town Extra: “Marvel NOW!”

So Marvel is going to begin relaunching old titles and launching new titles this October—what’s the deal? Don is joined by Max Beckman to break it all down for you as well as give you our thoughts on the relaunch and the new Avengers and X-Men titles announced this week as a part of the […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 049 – “Things That Make You Go Hurm”

Don is joined by Max Beckman this (late) episode as they talk, talk and talk comics. We’ve got the lowdown on the latest Before Watchmen book and question whether or not we still think the project was a good idea or not. We’ve also got reviews of the latest comics and discussion of the latest […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 048 – “Comic Book Controversies”

Don is joined by Max Beckman for this special episode in which we discuss several of the controversial books of the last few weeks (and a host of others). What do we think of the Before Watchmen books now that they’ve been published? Are we cool with the merging of the 616 and Ultimate Universes? […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 047 – “A Cape Town Commusical”

Don and Jerry are joined again by the Jason Inman ( for a round of comic book reviews and news discussion. Jason proves that he has more than comic knowledge to bring to the table—he’s got a flair for on-the-spot theme-song composition! So sit back, relax and enjoy some laughs, some music, and fair-ish discussion […]

Cape Town Extra: “The Avengers Review”

For a super-sized film like The Avengers we have a super-sized panel of reviewers—Don and Jerry are re-joined by Jason Inman ( and Jerry’s wonderful fiancée Casey Ristaino. While we are all in agreement that the film is good (some might even say great), not everyone was blown away by the blockbuster. Song: “The Avengers […]

Cape Town Extra: “Free Comic Book Day 2012”

Don is joined again by Jason Inman as they spend time chatting with comic shoppers at a Free Comic Book Day event at Pulp Fiction Comics in Long Beach, California. We spoke to a handful of great folks who were eager to grab some free goodies as well as do a bit of shopping. The […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 046 – “Hoo Hoo Are You?”

We’ve got plenty of new comic reviews! We’ve got plenty of movie discussion! We’ve got plenty of jokes that fall flat—repeatedly. But nothing will stop Don and Jerry from trying their darndest to infotain the comic enthusiasts hungry for scintillating comic book discussion. Cape Town Jibber Jabber 00:01:42 Don and Jerry discuss Dungeons and Dragons […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 045 – “To Infinite and Beyond”

Jason Inman (Sh*t Comic Book Nerds Say) is joining Don and Jerry to review a new stack of books—and this week has brought another smorgasbord of new titles and mini-series. Are they good? Are they bad? Well folks, they run the gamut in our eyes. After the review we spend some time reflecting on the […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 044 – “Stay Classy Seattle”

Con season is upon us and Max is on hand to share plenty of fun stories from the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. We’re sharing our stories from the panels and the Con floor as well as reviewing some of the best books from the last two weeks. So sit back, put your feet […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 043 – “Drowsy Tales from a Con”

We were tired this week thanks to two full days at WonderCon! But that didn’t stop us from putting a couple of microphones in front of our faces to bring on the noise and the funk! We’ve got another big batch of new creator-owned titles to discuss and almost an hour of WonderCon stories! Cape […]