Wayne’s Comics Podcast #426: Interview with Ian Sharman

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In Episode 426 this week, I talk with Ian Sharman, editor-in-chief at Markosia Enterprises, who is quite the accomplished writer as well! We discuss Alpha Gods, Hero 9 to 5, and Hypergirl, just three of his great comics you’ll want to explore! Here’s how Markosia is described: “Launched in 2005, Markosia is a leading UK-based Independent publisher of comic books and graphic novels.” They offer great stories you may not have enjoyed yet, so be sure to check them out! You can order Markosia’s books through their website or your local bookseller, and you can keep up with Markosia and Ian on their Twitter page, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #425: Interviews with David Byrne, Frank Gogol, Sam Johnson

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It’s Episode 425 of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, and this week I have three special guests! First up is David Byrne from The Couch, Spy-DeerMan, and now Stake! David has an already successful Kickstarter going on now for Stake, but you can make this high-octane horror book happen by helping him reach his stretch goals! Go to this link! Next, Frank Gogol from Grief and Dead End Kids briefly comes back to remind us to sign up at our local comics shop for his upcoming book, No Heroine! Then everything wraps up with the return of Sam Johnson, who has a Kickstarter project happening now for Geek-Girl: Tights ‘n’ Capes, which you can support at this link! We talk about his successful franchise, including what we might expect from Ruby Kaye, Summer, and the rest in the near future! You’ll find the sequence and times you can hear each interview during the podcast below:

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #424: Interview with Brian Wickman

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Now is the time to order your copy of Grit! In Episode 424, I talk with scripter Brian Wickman about his new comic, which is described this way: “Grit is Southern-fried sword and sorcery and pulp fantasy adventure in the mold of The Witcher by way of Southern Bastards. When a routine troll hunting gig takes a gruesome turn, Old Man Barrow finds himself in the company of a wannabe doomsday cult. Just how’s he going to get out of this backwoods nightmare? Well, that axe ain’t just for show.” Let your LCS know you want MAR202088 from Scout Comics in the latest Previews before March 18! You can also download his first comic Big White on his website. It’s a sci-fi horror story you won’t want to miss. You can keep up with Brian on his personal Twitter page and on his website.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #423: Joel Rodriguez

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It’s time for the return of creator Joel Rodriguez from Dusk County Chronicles in Episode 423! This great Indie comic initially featured short horror stories that went where fans like me would never expect them to go! Now he’s got a Kickstarter going for Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1, so we talk about how this series came to be as well as what we can expect from the creative team in this latest mini-series and beyond! This is the perfect chance to support this excellent up-and-coming comics creator, so be sure to listen to our fun conversation, then support this book!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #422: Interview with Brandon Rhiness

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Brandon Rhiness, Chainsaw Reindeer, Higher Universe, Boy with a Balloon for a Head, Tasha, Santa Claus, reindeer, Action Lab, Christmas, Stargirl, Misfits, Ghoul Squad, Alley Cats, Skull, Stoner Kid, Mental Case, Elvis the Zombie, Brutal Jones, Adam Storoschuk, Brian Bicknell,

In Episode 422, I have a great conversation with Brandon Rhiness from Higher Universe Comics, and he discusses two of his best-known books, Chainsaw Reindeer and The Boy with a Balloon for a Head. You can tell just from the titles that these both are going to have creative storytelling! The first comes from Action Lab, and it is described this way: “A reindeer has enough of Santa’s abuse and embarks on a world-wide swath of destruction… with a chainsaw!” Here’s more about the second title: “When a family moves to a new town, their son has difficulty adjusting because he’s ‘different’.” You can keep up with Brandon on his personal Facebook page and at Higher Universe’s Facebook page. Be sure to listen to this great interview with an up-and-coming comics talent!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #421: Interview with John Beatty

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John Beatty is a comics legend known for his excellent inking and artwork. He’s probably best recognized for Marvel’s Secret Wars and Captain America, but if you see his name on a book, be sure to buy it! You’ll experience powerful storytelling! John has a new YouTube channel, and I highly recommend you subscribe to it! He has a contest going on in which you could win a sketch from him, so be sure to go to this link and sign up today! He gives the details about it during our interview, as well as his insights about the industry, his appearances at comics conventions, and the importance of inkers when it comes to making comics that sparkle! If you can, don’t miss catching up with him at comic conventions because he’s great with fans! You can also keep up with him at on Twitter, on Facebook, and at his website. Don’t miss this great interview because I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he has to say!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #420: Interview with Nathan Lueth

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Impure Blood, Comixology, Nathan Lueth, Nadja Baer, Melting Down, C2E2, Dara, Auhle, Caspian, Mac, Roan, Elnore, Jaem, Kaleb, Ancient Blood, Temple of the Ancients,

Creator Nathan Lueth is back, and he has important news for Impure Blood fans! In Episode 420, I talk with Nathan, co-creator of this epic series, about his Kickstarter project that is now underway! It will make the first volume of Impure Blood available in a deluxe landscape format true to how the series was originally produced. Of course, he’s planning to have all four volumes released in this format in hardcover, but it’s important this first Kickstarter be successful so that can happen! We talk about the series as well as what else he’s working on, so be sure to listen to what this high-octane comics creator has to say! Highly recommended!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #419: Interview with Andrew Birkett

Ready to read something really different? This week in Episode 419, it’s the return of creator Andrew Birkett from Atheris Entertainment, and he’s talking about his first full comic Sam’s Scams. Sam is a member of the alien race called the Logards, and they have a very different perspective when it comes to the environment than you might expect!Andrew does a terrific job when it comes to writing humor mixed with sci-fi, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this upcoming book! Be sure to look for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign so you can support and access this great title!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #418: Interview with Frank Gogol

This week in Episode 418, it’s the return of creator Frank Gogol from Grief and Dead End Kids, both from Source Point Press.  Frank has a new comic coming soon called No Heroine, which is described as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but if she was a recovering heroin addict.” We’re talking somewhat ahead of when this title hits Diamond Previews, so let your local comics shop know you want to order it when it becomes available. Frank continues to be one of those terrific up-and-coming writers that I expect even more wonderful comics from in the years ahead. He has some great news for us Dead End Kids fans about the future of this book! We also explore what we can expect from him in the future, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he has to say! Be sure to check out his website as well as his social media entries, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #417: Interview with Justin Richards

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If you haven’t ordered Finger Guns from Vault Comics yet, be sure to call your local comics shop and do so today! In Episode 417 this week, I talk with creator Justin Richards from this unique and compelling comic due out in late February! Here’s how it’s described: “In Finger Guns, two troubled teenagers discover they can manipulate emotions by firing finger guns. There will be laughs. There will be tears. There will be uncomfortable teen feelings and angst. Oh yeah… and chaos. So much chaos.” We talk about how this book came to be, who the various characters are, and what we might see from Justin and his team in the coming months. You can also keep up with Justin on his Facebook page here.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #416: Interview with Chad Strohl

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Infinity, Inferno, Dante, Chad Strohl, Andrea Molinari, Caliber Comics, Kamil Boettcher, Lukasz Marko, Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri, Alistair Thorne, Detective John Dante, Trish Dante, Virgil,

In Episode 416 this week, I welcome comics creator Chad Strohl from Infinity: A Tale of the Inferno, an excellent book that puts a new spin on a popular classic tale! We talk about how this book came to be, who the characters are, how fascinating the storytelling is, and what we might expect from Chad in the coming months. To get your copy of this high-power book, go to Caliber Comics’ site here or to Amazon at this link. For digital versions, go to comiXology here. You can also keep up with Chad on his Facebook page here.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #415: Interview with Richard Rivera and Chris Hamer

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In Episode 415, we’re kicking off 2020 with a fun conversation with Richard Rivera, the creator of Stabbity Bunny, and artist Chris Hamer! A special one-shot called Emmet’s Story has just been released, so we discuss what that book is about as well as how Chris came to provide a great variant cover, which you can see in the banner above. We talk about their various projects as well as what we can expect from them in the coming months, including more issues of Stabbity Bunny from Richard and The Adventures of Byron from Chris, so don’t miss it! For more on Stabbity Bunny, check out the comic’s website at Stabbitybunny.com! For Chris’s art, go to his website here!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #414: Interview with Travis Gibb

Happy New Year! It’s time for another special week at the Wayne’s Comics Podcast! We wrap up 2019 with a fun interview with creator Travis Gibb from the great Indie comic Broke Down & 4 Dead Bodies. The first two issues of this series have been produced, and the third will be coming soon! During our interview, we discuss how he creates this great comic, where the idea for Broke Down came from, and what we can expect from Travis and the other creators in the future! Check out his Broke Down & 4 Dead Bodies page here and his Facebook page here, among other social media sites! Don’t miss next week’s episode as we kick off 2020 with another terrific conversation with another great comics professional!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #413: Brett Murphy and a Holiday Tradition

Happy Holidays! It’s time for another special week at the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, with a great interview and my yearly holiday tradition!

First up is my excellent interview with Brett Murphy, writer and one of the driving forces behind Legacy Comics. They have an anthology comic coming called Legacy Presents Tales of Horror, and to make this happen, they have a Kickstarter beginning on January 24, 2020, to support this great book! We discuss the four stories in the book, who the creators are, and what we can expect from Legacy in the months ahead.

Then everything wraps up with my annual holiday tradition, playing the audio from ‘Twas the Dark Knight Before Christmas! You can see the video at this link!

Don’t miss next week’s episode as we wrap up 2019 with another terrific conversation with another great comics professional!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #412: Michael Heitkemper

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This week in Episode 412, it’s the return of writer Michael Heitkemper, one of the creative forces behind the excellent Indie comic Freedom Fighter! We go behind the scenes to talk about issue #10 from Michael and artist A.J. Fulcher! We also delve into his other series, Acts of Contrition, something very different from his other comic! Both books have now been released, so be sure to purchase these terrific offerings! To get them on comiXology, go here or go to Amazon at this location! He also has a website here, so be sure to check out his various creations!