Radio Free Asgard 357

It’s Halloweeeeeen, everyone! And to celebrate this spooky occasion, we cover The Mighty Thor #207, coincidentally a Halloween issue, and an unofficial Marvel/DC crossover! Thor’s battle with Absorbing Man leads to a confrontation with none other than the eeeeevil Loki! Mwahahah!

Radio Free Asgard 354

This week we look at Thor #204, starting off an all-new storyline, as Odin decides to be a dick (take a drink!) and exiles Thor and company to Earth! (again???) – This week we have Tana Nile touching herself, a silent hissing monster, an oddly off-model Iron Man, and more!

Radio Free Asgard 353

This week it’s Thor #203, featuring the introduction of a ‘New’ set of ‘Gods’, Volstagg following a creepy little girl into a basement, “The Game”, casual sexism, and an ending of sorts to the Ego Prime storyline… check it out!

Radio Free Asgard 352

This week it’s back to 1972, as we pick up where we left off, and cover The Mighty Thor #202! Thor and company are reunited with Sif’s merry band as their combined forces fight primary-colored gloopy people, giant ants, and… Ego Prime! Plus, Heimdal is up to something in Earth!

Radio Free Asgard 351

This week we cover “Thor and Hymir’s Fishing Expedition” as adapted by Neil Gaiman in his “Norse Mythology” – It’s a familiar tale of gods, giants, oxen, giant oxen, fishing, giant fish, regular sized goats, and a giant cauldron! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 349

This week we cover the penultimate issue of Hercules Unbound!

This time, Hercules fights Barney the Dinosaur, we lose another cast member, and we finally get to see some Simonson art shining through the drek! Plus the mystery of the Anti-Gods! Don’t miss it! 

Radio Free Asgard 348

This week our rapidly shrinking gang of misfits teams up with the Atomic Knights to resolve a dangling plot from OMAC, as we take a look at Hercules Unbound #10. This issue has not only one, but two off-panel deaths, giant Dalmatians, and an implausibly small Great Lake…

Radio Free Asgard 345

Another fortnight gone by, and now it’s time for Hercules Unbound #8. Have David Michelinie and Walt Simonson created an underrated masterpiece of sequential storytelling, or is this just a kind of lame 1970’s DC comic? This issue has Tweetie bird’s owner assaulting our heroes, Hercules leaving one of his friends to drown, an early holodeck, and of course, lots of T&A!!