Radio Free Asgard 367

This week we continue our coverage of The Unworthy Thor with issue #2!
There’s action aplenty as the Odinson and his pal Beta Ray Bill face off against Jeff Goldblum! Thor dreams, a new hammer appears, and there are weird eyeball tie fighter thingers!
It’s even more fun than a toilet paper shortage!

Radio Free Asgard 366

This time around, we’re looking at Little Red Ridin…er… The Unworthy Thor #1! While Jane Foster is running around being Thor, what is the Odinson up to? Fighting trolls and talking to strangers for a start! Why not listen in, and find out more?

Radio Free Asgard 361

Happy Holidays, everyone! This episode, we have a look at The Mighty Thor #210, where we find out that Gerry Conway keeps track of his Norse lore about as well as I do, and learn that uru can be magnetized! Plus, the return of everyone’s favorite troll!

Radio Free Asgard 360

360?? It’s a full circle, and a mythology episode, as we return to Gaiman’s Norse Mythology to cover “The Death of Balder”!! This episode includes the gods throwing things at people for fun, an oddly familiar giantess, and the gratuitous death of a random dwarf…

Radio Free Asgard 358

It’s The Mighty Thor #208 this week, as Thor (and ever so conveniently the Warriors Three, off-panel) goes up against the ridiculous Mercurio! Plus Thor yells at Jarvis, Hildegard yells at Thor, and apparently Tony Stark has tech that can spy on Asgard…  

Radio Free Asgard 357

It’s Halloweeeeeen, everyone! And to celebrate this spooky occasion, we cover The Mighty Thor #207, coincidentally a Halloween issue, and an unofficial Marvel/DC crossover! Thor’s battle with Absorbing Man leads to a confrontation with none other than the eeeeevil Loki! Mwahahah!

Radio Free Asgard 354

This week we look at Thor #204, starting off an all-new storyline, as Odin decides to be a dick (take a drink!) and exiles Thor and company to Earth! (again???) – This week we have Tana Nile touching herself, a silent hissing monster, an oddly off-model Iron Man, and more!