For The Love of Indie #24

A big episode for a big week of comics! Listen in to discover: Missplaced Helena Crash Berlin Rose Look Straight Ahead The Dregs Rachel Rising Shaolin Cowboy No World Namwolf Roughneck Kid Savage Notes: Email: Twitter: @ftlindie Julia’s Twitter/Instagram: @indiebyrd Drew’s Instagram: @justdrewvg <iframe frameborder=’0′ height=’36px’ scrolling=’no’ seamless src=’’ width=’100%’></iframe> Play in […]

For The Love of Indie ep. 20

Join Drew and new co-host Julia ‘s adventure into indie comics! Short disclaimer, had a few weird audio things happening, but they’re pretty small. Listen in to discover: Snotgirl Monstress Extremity Love is Love Croak All Time Comics: Crime Destroyer Eldritch Siberia 56 American Gods: Shadows Cadmus Coady and the Creepies Notes: Email: […]

For The Love of Indie Episode 17

For The Love of Indie returns after hiatus (sorry)! Now it’s back to bring you some of the finest titles in indie comics culture. Listen in to discover: Trespasser Cowboys and Insects Nighttrap Fight Terminarch a chat w/Josh Bayer Theth All Time Comics Dregs Loose Ends Dante Ladycastle almost Mortal Kombat Notes: Host Twitter: […]

FTLI #16- Quilte, Tetris, Summerland

  Time for some more For The Love of Indie! Listen in to hear about: Night Wasp Summerland Quilte Sink Vulture City Stories We Choose Our Friends Alone Tetris Ether Red Dog Slam A Cosplayer’s Christmas Show Notes: Twitter: @justdrewvg Email: <iframe frameborder=’0′ height=’36px’ scrolling=’no’ seamless src=’’ width=’100%’></iframe> Play in new window […]

For The Love of Indie #15

A not so spooky episode 15 is out and features: Not Drunk Enough vol. 1 Anarchy Dreamers vol. 1 Sink Bird Boy Andrew Jackson in Space Mutant Punks **** Off Head Lopper G.I. Joe and the Transformers CBLDF Liberty Annual 2016 Motor Girl Mulligan Motro Show Notes: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Email: <iframe frameborder=’0′ […]

For The Love of Indie ep. 14

Listeners, in this episode, we are alone. Join me on this journey and discover: Temple of Silence: Forgotten World of Herbert Crowley Girrion That’s Because You’re a Robot Fauna Fairest Oglaf Josie & the Pussycats Archie Meets Ramones Spell On Wheels Die Kitty Die Love & Rockets Lord of Gore Show Notes: Host Twitter: […]

For The Love of Indie… Episode 13

For the Love of Indie ep. 13 is out and it’s the finest episode yet! You can find: A Minyan Yidn (Kickstarter) Death Knight Blades & Lazers A Chat w/Luke Howard Talk Dirty to Me Our Mother Bucky O’Hare Tyler & Dave Play Old Games Bucky O’Hare…Fanfiction? Archie Meets the Ramones Black Girrion Indie Comics […]

For The Love of Indie #11

Another episode another batch of comics (and more) to discuss! Not to mention I’m joined by Kevin Gilligan of Geeks Out later in the episode! In this hearty episode 11 I discuss: Decryption Rita Satan’s ******* Baby 2 Interceptor TerraQuill Abelard Geis FlameCon 2 Geeks Out Andre the Giant Comic releases for July 20th Notes: […]

I hope you like tons of comic talk, because that’s what you’re getting. You want content, I’ve got it. This episode is all about: The Super Wizard Returns I Shall Destroy All Civilized Planets Renato Jones: The 1% Life, Death, and Sorcery Talk Dirty to Me Modern Testament Wild Blue Yonder Kim & Kim with […]

FTLI #9- Hinges, Emily Ree, Mars Attacks

Oh boy! Episode 9! Listen in to discover all kinds of stuff, including: Primahood: Magenta Green Leader Die Kitty Die Trinadot Stela Tribes Hinges Heart In A Box A Chat w/Emily Ree of Anarchy Dreamers Mars Attacks Check out the show notes with links to artist profiles and where to get most of these books […]

For The Love of Indie ep. 8

Alright so this episode is a little late, but the comics are still out and the Kickstarters are still running. A few audio issues at the beginning but they quickly pass. This episode I’m joined by Kristen of the ComicsNStuffs podcast and we go into: After The Gold Rush #2 Victorian Bareknuckle League Lady Mechanika […]

For The Love of Indie #6

Another week another list of great independent books to discuss! In this episode you can discover the glory that is: Valiant’s New Solicitations Kickster Alert: Hollow Mountain Ch. 1 Love: The Lion Mother Russia Run Boys Run Heck A Chat w/Katy Rex (@thekatyrex) Nostalgia Corner: Future Quest Make sure to check out the show notes […]

For The Love of Indie ep. 5

So much to chat about in this episode! Tune in to hear about: Darwyn Cooke Civil War She Changed Comics Space Battle Lunchtime #1 Mean Girls Club The King An Interview w/Ed Luce Barbarella: The Moon Child and so much more! Notes: Host Twitter: @justdrewvg Guest Twitter: @wuvableoaf <iframe frameborder=’0′ height=’36px’ scrolling=’no’ seamless src=’’ […]

For The Love of Indie Ep. 4- Cursed Pirate Girl, Silent Hill, The Hunter

<iframe frameborder=’0′ height=’36px’ scrolling=’no’ seamless src=’’ width=’100%’></iframe> In this episode we dive into nothing but unique and intriguing reads with Jeremy Bastian’s Cursed Pirate Girl, Sophie Franz’s The Experts, Joe Sparrow’s The Hunter, and a sneak peak at Victorian Bareknuckle League. We also take a look at the Kickstarter for Star Trucker and Nostalgia Corner […]