UNXC Podcast #84: Uncanny X-Men #17-18, Mr. and Mrs. X #11, Age of X-Man and more!

Rob and Ryan first dabble in the 616, checking in on frost giants and mutant fugitives. They then step across the stream into Age of X-Man, Nate Grey’s mindscape and try n gather bread crumbs to unravel the risque PG-13 mystery. Thanks for listening! 

Introductions (0:00), Uncanny X-Men #17-18 (3:10), War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #2 (37:50), Mr/ & Mrs. X #11 (49:16), X-23 #12 (58:23), Apocalypse and X-Tracts #3 (1:08:20), Nextgen #4 (17:20), X-Tremists #4 (1:24:29). Wrap Up (1:35:15)

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Instagram: @tomemyxmen
Music: Zulu Dobson
Email: uncannynerdverse[at]gmail.com

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