X-Men Comicbook Podcast #83: Uncanny X-Men #15-16, Major X #1-2, Mr. and Mrs. X #10, & more!

Rob and Ryan are spotlighting several of the X-Men books released in April. While things still feel the same ole in the X-universe. There’s a couple of series’ that have yer host in their emotions, for the best or worst. In general, it’s been a strange week for the guys and it shows in the episode. Thanks for listening! 

Intro (0:00), Prisoner X #2 (3:04), Major X #1-2 (8:28), Uncanny X-Men 15-16 (20:25), Marvelous X-Men #3 (34:18), Dead Man Logan #6 (43:58), War of Realms: Uncanny X-Men #1 (52:36), X-23 #11 (1:03:29), Mr. & Mrs. X #10 (1:11:18), Wrap Up (1:19:17)


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Music: Zulu Dobson

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