Previews Spotlight #137: 2019-03

John discusses the contents of the March 2019 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 1 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Superman Fan Podcast

and 12 listeners:
Mo Walker
James Raynor
Alan Bowman
Patrick Engroff
Todd Cassel
Nathan Haselhorst
Jason Kim
Chris Myers
Chris Braly
Jason Carpenter
Marvin Daniels

Items mentioned:
p.30 (John Mayo) PREVIEWS #368 MAY 2019
p.46 (Mo Walker) Excellence #1
p.53 (James Raynor) Die! Die! Die! #1-8
p.80 (Alan Bowman) Assassin Nation #3
p.80 (Patrick Engroff) Assassin Nation #3
p.81 (Drew) Eclipse #15
p.84 (Todd Cassel) Gideon Falls #13
p.106 (James Raynor) Aliens Rescue #1
p.111 (Billy Hogan) Black Hammer 45 #3
p.111 (Billy Hogan) Black Hammer: Age of Doom #11
p.126 (Alan Bowman) Hellboy vs Lobster Johnson: Ring of Death #1
p.D2 (James Raynor) Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1
p.D2 (Patrick Engroff) Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1
p.D2 (Mo Walker) Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1
p.D5 (Mo Walker) DC’s Year of the Villain #1
p.D6 (Drew) DCeased #1
p.D14 (Billy Hogan) Superman: Leviathan Rising #1
p.D15 (Billy Hogan) Action Comics #1011
p.D37 (Nathan Haselhorst) Freedom Fighter #7
p.D56 (John Mayo) SCOOBY DOO TEAM UP #48
p.D60 (Billy Hogan) Superman #11
p.D76 (James Raynor) Injustice Omnibus HC
p.D82 (James Raynor) Absolute Swamp Thing HC
p.147 (James Raynor) They Called Us Enemy TP
p.147 (Patrick Engroff) They Called Us Enemy TP
p.159 (Alan Bowman) Big Hero Six #2
p.161 (Todd Cassel) Dick Tracy Forever #2
p.161 (Billy Hogan) Dick Tracy Forever #2
p.179 (Jason Kim) Star Wars Artist Edition
p.M2 (James Raynor) Savage Avengers #1
p.M29 (Patrick Engroff) Amazing Spider-Man #31
p.M38 (Jason Kim) Star Wars #108
p.M68 (Patrick Engroff) Mr and Mrs X #11
p.M69 (Drew) X-Men: Grand Design: X-Tinction #1
p.M103 (James Raynor) Marvel Omnibus
p.190 (Chris Myers) Red Sonja/Vampirella/Betty and Veronica #1
p.250 (Billy Hogan) Five Years #1
p.258 (James Raynor) Killer Groove #1
p.258 (Chris Braly) Killer Groove #1
p.260 (Jason Carpenter) Descendent #1
p.268 (Chris Myers) Wrong Earth v1 TP
p.281 (Jason Carpenter) Horror Comics #1
p.288 (Jason Kim) Fathom #1
p.290 (James Raynor) Cinema Purgatorio #18
p.292 (Chris Myers) Lady Mechanika v5 TP
p.306 (Chris Braly) Wailing Blade #1
p.330 (Chris Braly) Dead Sonja #1
p.334 (James Raynor) Drawing Blood: Spilled Ink #1
p.334 (Marvin Daniels) Drawing Blood: Spilled Ink #1/Radically Ronin Ragdolls #1
p.350 (Patrick Engroff) Battlecats #1
p.350 (Jason Carpenter) Battlecats #1
p.370 (Jason Carpenter) Afterburn Crossfire #1
p.371 (Jason Carpenter) Category Zero #1
p.374 (Chris Braly) Sham #1
p.375 (Jason Carpenter) John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Nuclear Attack #1
p.386 (Chris Braly) Bat-Cave Companion TP
p.388 (Chris Myers) Fallen World #1
p.388 (Chris Braly) Fallen World #1
p.394 (Mo Walker) She Said Destroy #1
p.400 (Patrick Engroff) Dragonsblood #1
p.888 (Jason Kim) Dreadstar Kickstarter
p.889 (Jason Kim) Maui Comic Con (October) with Eric Powell

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