Comic Timing – Episode 196: Captain Marvel Movie Review

Hear Raph, Brent, Kris and Ian get a bit punchy, as it’s time to review Marvel Studio’s latest cinema offering: Captain Marvel! Was Brie Larson able to make her stamp on the well established MCU, or did things fall flat? Depends on who in the cast you ask; hint, Brent’s the least convinced. There are plenty of nicks to pick and some genuine grievances over plot, execution, and call signs, as well as thoughts on bright spots and discussion on plot twists, but do listen in to hear the full story. Spoilers abound, as usual, so wait until after you’ve seen the film to check this episode out, unless you don’t mind knowing everything beforehand.

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And please make sure to head over to Kickstarter and check out Masked Prejudice – A Superhero Anthology for Social Justice, and anthology Raph contributed a story to! The campaign still has about a month to go, so do contribute to making this a reality if you can. In other Kickstarter news, Kwanza Osajyefo and Jamal Igle have lauched the follow-up six issue miniseries to the critically acclaimed BLACK, entitled WHITE. I highly recommend it.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll catch you all next time!

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