X-Men Comicbook Podcast #81

When life leaves you internetless, you have to forge up an antenna to reach your fellow podcasters in Philly. That’s just what Ryan did to ensure this episode was recorded. Join Rob and Ryan as they discuss several of the X-Men comics released in February. Thanks for listening!

Books Reviewed: Age of X-Man: The Marvelous X-Men #1 (0:00), Uncanny X-Men #11 & 12 (12:18), Mr. & Mrs. X #8 (32:38), Age of X-Man: Xtremists #1 (37:12), X-Force #3 (46:45)


Twitter: @UncannyNrdvrs | @tomemyxmen_rob
Instagram: @tomemyxmen
Music: Zulu Dobson

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