Amazing Comic Con Aloha 2019

Jason (from Hawaii) talks with Larissa Paige, George Perez, Chad Hardin, David Nakayama, Neal Adams, Jim Starlin, Frank Mastromauro of Aspen Comics, Julius Edano of Westside Comics and Coy Jandreau of Collider at Amazing Comic-Con Aloha 2019 in Hawaii.

Time Codes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 Opening comments
0:01:00 Larissa Paige
0:25:51 George Perez
0:26:51 Chad Hardin
0:39:55 David Nakayama
0:51:55 Neal Adams
1:04:21 Jim Starlin
1:11:15 Frank Mastromauro of Aspen Comics
1:44:56 Julius Edano of Westside Comics
1:46:31 Coy Jandreau of Collider
1:55:38 Closing comments
1:58:40 Wrap up
1:59:10 End of episode.

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