Steeven Orr Else #27 – Lego, Old School Marvel, and Atomic Robo

I dive into many subjects this week because dang it, I’ve got a lot of my mind.

First, a quick talk about The Lego Movie 2. That starts at 9:23 into the episode and ends at 13:27. I put the time stamps in there because I may spoil a thing or two.

Next I talk about all the old Marvel books I’ve been reading such as:

Avengers 264 – 266 from 1986
Captain America 286 and 286 from 1983
And Uncanny X-Men 190 and 191 from 1985

From there I sing the praises of Atomic Robo. So strap yourselves in because I took not notes beforehand. This is podcasting without a net!

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