GCU #10: Extended Cinematic Universe

The GCU season 1 finale is here and it is massive! We look back on the 16 movies we’ve covered in episodes #1-9. Then we take those 16 movies and combine them in the most unholy of mash-up, fan fiction universe melding movie pitches we could muster. We couldn’t do it alone! This episode features pitches from listeners, fellow podcasters and, of course, us! Prepare yourself!

This episode originally appeared on GrawlixPodcast.com

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro/Greetings
10:40 – GCU Season 1 Poll & Stats
20:36 – Let the Pitches Begin!
22:41 – Jesse Kiefer of The Grawlix Podcast
29:11 – Jasper – Team Dredd vs Team Robocop
37:24 – Mike Burton of Genuine Chi-Chat – Machines vs Monsters
37:06 – Matt Downs – Battle Royal
41:30 – Randy – The Boys and The Beasts
52:03 – David Gossett of Unfollow the Revolution – Big Trouble in a Splendid Little War
57:16 – Maddox Campbell of Break A Wish Podcast
59:44 – Randy – Of Lawmen and Machine
1:15:13 – Melanie C. of The Grawlix Podcast

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