Alternate Reality – Episode 391

Alternate Reality – Episode #391

A slew of new number ones are on the offering this week.  The Sentry makes his less than triumphant return in The Sentry #1.  Charlie looks at couple new titles with Weatherman #1 and The Magic Order #1.  A renegade group of Teen Titans are on the loose and are ready to do things “their way”, even if it means getting their hands dirty in Teen Titans Special #1.

Also a few follow-up issues for you.  Jon gives us the low down on Man of Steel #5 and Charlie brings us to the end of the Dan Slot run on Amazing Spider-Man with issue #801.

A great week of comics.


The Sentry #1
Weather Man #1
Man of Steel #4
The Magic Order #1
Teen Titans Special #1
Amazing Spider-Man #801

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