Interview with Marvel’s Runaways Actor Angel Parker About Her Character Catherine Wilder


The latest episode of our podcast features a conversation with Marvel’s RUNAWAYS cast member — Angel Parker. In addition to “Runaways,” Angel most recently recurred on NBC’s “Trial and Error” opposite John Lithgow, and also recurred on FX’s hit series “The Strain.” Another standout project was appearing in FX’s critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning series “The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.” Angel was a scene stealer as famed celebrity attorney Shawn Chapman, one of Simpson’s ‘Dream Team’ lawyers.

The ability for me to restrain my excitement over Marvel’s RUNAWAYS on Hulu likely exists outside my skillset. With a major cult following stretching back to the middle of 2003, the RUNAWAYS comic books by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona started a revolution in comic book storytelling. 14 years and currently five volumes of collected work later, these young heroes have some stories left in them. Recently, Hulu has begun releasing episodes weekly for their original series based on the hit comics. With a deep focus on characterization and an obvious adoration for the source material, this show sets the bar high for future MCU television releases.

RUNAWAYS seeks to answer one simple question. What would happen if our parents were really as bad as our teenage selves believed? What if they were really supervillains? For Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Gertrude Yorkes, Chase Stein, Molly Hernandez, and Karolina Dean, they don’t have to imagine. They are living it. After stumbling upon a cryptic sacrificial ritual, the teens gather evidence again their parent’s underground criminal empire. Along the way, they garner new powers, new weapons, and a pet dinosaur to boot.

On RUNAWAYS, Parker plays Catherine Wilder, the mother of Alex and a member of the supervillainous Pride. Catherine is a successful, deliberate and calculating lawyer and acts as a defining member of the Pride. When it comes to family, she is fiercely loyal as well as a loving mother and protector of her son. Parker plays the character with a cold yet steely edge, giving her scenes a much-needed tension. Luckily, she is much kinder in person, and she has agreed to give ComicsVerse her thoughts on all things acting and RUNAWAYS!


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