Previews Spotlight #121: 2017-11

John discusses the contents of the November 2017 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 1 other podcast/blog represented this month:
Superman Fan Podcast

and 8 listeners:
Chris Braly
James Raynor
Jason Kim
Martin Pierro
Todd Cassel
Alan Bowman

Items mentioned:
p.39 (Drew) Hungry Ghosts #1
p.46 (Chris Braly) Vinegar Teeth #1
p.48 (James Raynor) Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible HC v2
p.56 (Billy Hogan) Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion Of Evil #4
p.57 (Billy Hogan) Usagi Yojimbo #165
p.70 (John Mayo) SIDEWAYS #1
p.71 (Billy Hogan) Terrifics #1
p.71 (Chris Braly) Terrifics #1
p.71 (John Mayo) TERRIFICS #1
p.75 (Jason Kim) Detective Comics Annual #1
p.75 (Martin Pierro) Swamp Thing Winter Special #1
p.77 (Heidi) Batman and the Signal #1
p.82 (Todd Cassel) Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #1
p.83 (Billy Hogan) Action Comics #995 and #996
p.99 (Jason Kim) Swamp Thing Winter Special #1
p.112 (Billy Hogan) Superman #38 and #39
p.117 (John Mayo) TRINITY #17
p.127 (Todd Cassel) Aquaman by Peter David Book One
p.135 (Alan Bowman) Motherlands #1
p.146 (Martin Pierro) Star Wars Adventures: Forces of Destiny one-shots
p.149 (Heidi) Tangles #1
p.176 (Chris Braly) Saucer State TPB
p.176 (Heidi) Time and Vine TP
p.179 (Heidi) Violette around the World V1
p.186 (Billy Hogan) Invincible #144
p.198 (Alan Bowman) Kill or Be Killed #15
p.200 (Drew) Sex Criminals #21
p.M3 (James Raynor) Avengers #676, #677 and #678
p.M23 (Drew) Old Man Hawkeye #1
p.M30 (Alan Bowman) Champions #16
p.M30 (John Mayo) CHAMPIONS #16
p.M37 (John Mayo) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #794
p.M47 (Martin Pierro) Marvel Two-in-One #2
p.M77 (James Raynor) Punisher Platoon #5
p.M80 (Martin Pierro) Star Wars: The Last Jedi: DJ #1
p.M92 (James Raynor) Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis Omnibus HC v1
p.M92 (Chris Braly) Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis Omnibus HC v1
p.244 (Billy Hogan) Strangers In Paradise XXV #1
p.261 (James Raynor) Go West #1
p.266 (Martin Pierro) Underdog #3
p.274 (Chris Braly) Cosmo #1
p.276 (Alan Bowman) Archies #4
p.276 (John Mayo) ARCHIES #4
p.291 (John Mayo) MECH CADET YU #5
p.292 (Todd Cassel) Planet of the Apes: Ursus #1
p.294 (Drew) Abbot #1
p.307 (Martin Pierro) The Deep TP
p.317 (John Mayo) FREELANCE SEASON 2 #1
p.319 (Martin Pierro) Sugar Boogarz #4
p.322 (James Raynor) Dejas Thoris #0
p.326 (Jason Kim) Battlestar Galactica vs Battlestar Galactica #1
p.330 (Jason Kim) Swords of the Swashbucklers
p.354 (James Raynor) Humanoids
p.374 (Billy Hogan) Tick #3
p.389 (Drew) Amped #1
p.424 (Chris Braly) Ninjak Vs the Valiant Universe #1
p.448 (Martin Pierro) Robyn Hood: The Curse #1
p.888 (Jason Kim) Maui Comic Con Report
p.889 (Jason Kim) Shoutouts

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