Previews Spotlight #119: 2017-09

John discusses the contents of the September 2017 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 1 other podcast/blog represented this month:
Superman Fan Podcast

and 9 listeners:
Alan Bowman
Chris Braly
Mo Walker
Jason Kim
Nathan Haselhorst
Todd Cassel
Martin Pierro

Items mentioned:
p.44 (Alan Bowman) Rasputin: The Voice of the Dragon #1
p.46 (Drew) Jenny Finn #1
p.53 (Billy Hogan) Sherlock Frankenstein #2
p.61 (Billy Hogan) Usagi Yojimbo #163
p.77 (Chris Braly) Doomsday Clock #1
p.77 (Mo Walker) Doomsday Clock #1
p.77 (John Mayo) DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1
p.80 (John Mayo) HAWKMAN FOUND #1
p.81 (Heidi) Batman and the Signal #1
p.81 (Mo Walker) Batman and the Signal #1
p.81 (John Mayo) BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #1
p.84 (Billy Hogan) Action Comics #992
p.87 (Jason Kim) Batman Annual #2
p.97 (Jason Kim) Justice League of America Annual #1
p.102 (Billy Hogan) Superman #34 and #35
p.103 (Chris Braly) Super Sons Annual #1
p.109 (Jason Kim) Batman: Creature of the Night #1
p.111 (Nathan Haselhorst) Demon: Hell Is Earth #1
p.112 (Jason Kim) Harley Quinn Special #1
p.113 (Mo Walker) Mystik U #1
p.113 (John Mayo) MYSTIK U #1
p.114 (Jason Kim) Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #2
p.119 (Chris Braly) DC New Talent Showcase 2017
p.120 (Todd Cassel) Wonder Woman/Conan #3
p.121 (Alan Bowman) Wildstorm: Michael Cray #2
p.121 (Mo Walker) Wild Storm #9
p.123 (Chris Braly) Jestons #1
p.124 (John Mayo) FUTURE QUEST PRESENTS #4
p.132 (Chris Braly) DC Universe By John Byrne
p.134 (Chris Braly) Kamandi Omnibus
p.140 (Billy Hogan) Astro City #49
p.150 (Drew) Sword of Ages #1
p.150 (Martin Pierro) Sword of Ages #1
p.188 (Heidi) Gravediggers Union #1
p.205 (Drew) Beauty #17
p.217 (Billy Hogan) Invincible #142
p.219 (Mo Walker) Lazarus: X+66 #5
p.222 (Alan Bowman) Paper Girls #17
p.M2 (Jason Kim) Captain America #695
p.M2 (Chris Braly) Captain America #695
p.M22 (Drew) Moon Knight #188
p.M30 (Chris Braly) Thanos #13
p.M35 (Jason Kim) Not Brand Echh #14
p.M64 (John Mayo) X-MEN BLUE #16
p.M77 (Alan Bowman) Astonishing X-Men #5
p.M89 (Todd Cassel) Infinity Gauntlet Box Set
p.246 (Billy Hogan) MotorGirl #10
p.250 (Martin Pierro) Force #1
p.264 (Drew) Doppleganger #1
p.264 (Alan Bowman) Amazing Age #4
p.264 (Martin Pierro) If Anthology 2017: Crime GN
p.290 (Mo Walker) Black [AF] America’s Sweetheart GN
p.294 (Todd Cassel) Kong/Planet of the Apes #1
p.296 (Heidi) Fence #1
p.308 (Heidi) Snoopy HC
p.320 (Heidi) Sugar Boogarz #2
p.355 (Heidi) Deepak Chopra’s Beyond : The Collected Story TP
p.381 (Billy Hogan) Tick #2
p.398 (Martin Pierro) Chasing Hitler #1
p.400 (Drew) Long Lost #1
p.408 (Drew) Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Hangcuffed Houdini #1
p.414 (John Mayo) RIVERS OF LONDON: CRY FOX #1
p.420 (Heidi) Girl Who Played with Fire : Millennium V2 TP
p.455 (Heidi) A Polar Bear in Love V1
p.461 (Chris Braly) Sci-Fi Fantasy Illustrated One-Shot
p.888 (Jason Kim) Amazing Comic-Con wrap up
p.889 (Jason Kim) Shoutouts

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