Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 137: DC Comics, Dark Nights: Metal and Thinning the Herd

Jim and Eric have another long weekly podcast for you, talking about all of this week’s DC Comics as well as stories about Life, the Universe and Everything.  They are joined by the usual motley crew of Reggie, Chris, Trevitt, Brandon and Josh as well as all the Rant and Raves and Listener Mail one can handle.  Enjoy, but don’t ask Jim how to make a Manhattan…he doesn’t know.

  • Intro (0:00), Toby’s Defenders Review (29:49), Mail #1 (38:28), Book Reviews – See List Below (50:58), Mail #2 (3:02:44), Marvel Minute – Ultimates 2 #100 (3:23:03), Mail #3 (5:37:03), Mail #4 (6:35:08), Vermillion’s Vision: The Walking Dead Vol 1 (7:12:33), Mail #5 (7:32:14)


  •  DC Comics Reviewed: Batman #29 (55:46), Dark Nights: Metal #1 (1:18:04), Superman #29 (2:48:49), Green Lanterns #29 (4:10:10), Green Arrow #29 (4:32:04), Justice League #27 (5:04:09), Wonder Woman #28 (5:49:29) , Nightwing #27 (6:03:53), Super Sons #7 (6:20:48), Young Animal – Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #11 (6:54:37), Trinity #12 (7:39:12), The Sandman Special #1 (7:59:48), Batwoman #6 (8:33:05)


  • This Week’s Patreon Only Spotlight Podcast: Aquaman #27


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