Crisis On Infinite Midlives Show Episode 158: SDCC 2017 Wrap-Up, or: Hall H Can Smell Your Fear

We are back and recovered from San Diego Comic Con 2017. SDCC is a show we’ve attended more than almost any other, and yet this year it seemed, I don’t know… bigger. More oppressive. More willing to empty your wallet and leave you for dead, while showing you genre spectacle you couldn’t get with an all access pass to Industrial Light and Magic.

So after recovering (and even the recovery from Con Crud seemed more difficult than past years), we were joined by longtime SDCC attendee, Los Angeles comedian Gariana Abeyta, to talk about being assaulted by childrens’ strollers on the floor, taking revenge by trampling young cosplayers on the way to ask panel questions, the horrors of Hall H (and how they compare to the horrors of a malfunctioning RFID badge), “Resting Crime Face,” and whether the experience is still worth the time, planning, exhaustion and literally thousands of dollars it can take to attend.

Oh yeah: we also have the panel audio of Rob asking Nick Lowe about the status of Miracleman.

As a reminder: this show contains adult, profane language, and is therefore not safe for work. Take a look at the episode’s title, and know that fear is not the only convention smell we discuss. Get yourself some headphones.

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