The Grawlix Podcast #46: Prime Time Travel TV

This episode the Grawlix Podcast discuss the most recent seasons of CW’s The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as jumbled and non-chronological as the shows themselves. They also throw in a dash of Arrow season 5 to round out the CW trinity and share their feelings on season 10 of Doctor Who up to episode 7.

Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:03:19 – Grawlix Listens Spotify Playlist
00:09:26 – Zack Snyder, Justice League News
00:14:04 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2
00:32:07 – The Flash Season 3
01:03:19 – Doctor Who Season 10 Episodes 1 – 7
01:31:53 – Letters Page (Contact Us!)
01:35:25 – Coming Up Next Episode
01:36:12 – Outro

Links Mentioned
Our Recommended Listening Spotify Playlist
Grawlix Plays Scribblenauts Unmasked

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