ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 90: Interviewing Marv Wolfman

ComicsVerse welcomes legendary comics creator Marv Wolfman to our podcast. Marv Wolfman wrote TEEN TITANS, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-WOMAN, and FANTASTIC FOUR among many other titles. He worked for both Marvel and DC Comics in a career that spans more than fifty years. Marv video chats us from the west coast to have a discussion about his career and all the incredible characters he created. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have him in this Marv Wolfman interview podcast!

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Marv’s Early Career

Some argue the relationship between Chris Claremont and the X-Men relates just as well or better to Marv Wolfman and TEEN TITANS. However, the latter’s career got started a good decade earlier.

Don’t get confused, in this Marv Wolfman interview, Marv makes it clear TEEN TITANS never derived inspiration from the X-Men but rather FANTASTIC FOUR comics that Marv previously worked on.

In this Marv Wolfman interview, we discuss his early work with DC Comics in 1968 on BLACKHAWK #242. Marv then discusses working with creator Len Wein. The two co-created the character Jonny Double in 1968’s SHOWCASE #78.

The Marv Wolfman Interview Turns to Characters Marv Created

Marv later went on to work on comics you may have heard of before. He co-created or created characters like Raven, Cyborg, Nova, Bullseye, Blade, Terrax, Terra, Black Cat, and Starfire among many others!

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He re-wrote Spider-Woman’s origin, giving her the “Jessica Drew” identity. He also created a backstory for Donna Troy. In conclusion, this Marv Wolfman interview reveals the story behind what we know — Mr. Wolfman is an epic character creator and storyteller.

Marv Wolfman Interview Podcast Reading List

  • Blackhawk #242 (1968)
  • Showcase #78 (1968)
  • Teen Titans #18 & #22 “Eye of the Beholder” (1968)
  • The Tomb of Dracula
  • Daredevil #131 (1976)
  • Nova #1
  • Spider-Woman v1 #1 – #8 (1978)
  • Spider-Woman v2 #1 – #3 (1982)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #182 (1978)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #194 (1979)
  • Howard, the Duck comic strip (1978)
  • Fantastic Four v1 #190 – #217, Annual #12
  • DC Comics Presents #26 (1980)
  • New Teen Titans #1 – #40
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 – #12
  • Batman: Year Three
  • Nightwing (2006)
  • Teen Titan Raven
  • New Teen Titans: Games TPB
  • Raven #1 – #6

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Comics Alternative, Episode 236: Reviews of What Parsifal Saw, Love and Rockets #2, and Redneck #1

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Land of Hopey and Glory

This week the Two Guys give you a double shot of recent Fantagraphics books. They start off with a discussion of Ron Regé Jr.’s What Parsifal Saw, his followup to 2012’s The Cartoon Utopia (the paperback edition of which has also just been released by Fantagraphics). This is the first time that Andy and Derek have covered one of Regé’s books on The Comics Alternative — they’ve discussed his comics before, but only as part of an anthology — and they point out how his art requires a different way of reading. After that, they look at the latest issue of Love and Rockets. The guys never miss an opportunity to discuss what the Hernandez brothers are up to, and in this second issue of the new series they see how both Gilbert and Jaime are continuing the storylines they began in the last couple of Love and Rockets: New Stories annuals. Finally, the Two Guys wrap up with the latest title from Donny Cates, Redneck #1 (Image Comics). With wonderful art by Lisandro Estherren, this is a contemporary vampire story set in East Texas (and not far from Derek). Both feel that this is a successful first issue, but Andy points out that the structure feels similar to what Cates has been doing in God Country and The Paybacks.

Super Hero Speak – #200: The Last Ragnarok

We know only one truth… the MCU keeps getting lighter as the DCEU delves farther into the dark side! This week the guys talk about the Last Jedi trailer along with the Thor Ragnarok trailer. Plus DC is going to put out R-rated animated features? All this and more, so sit back and enjoy!

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Comic News Insider Episode 759 – American Gods w/ Kristin Chenoweth!

Comic News Insider: Episode 759 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Black Panther and The Crew #1, Godshaper #1, Rose #1, Weapon X Vol 3 #1, X-Men Blue #1, Class series premiere, Doctor Who S10 premiere

Jon Hoche and Emily Edwards join Jimmy is this super fun episode! They chat about the Doctor Who casting rumors and the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Jimmy attended the amazing American Gods press junket hosted by Starz and got some great roundtable interviews! Here, you’ll hear the awesomely talented and funny Kristin Chenoweth. Later this week and next, you’ll be able to hear the rest. The show is absolutely astounding and you all should check it out when it debuts on April 30th! News includes: Warner Bros. is making an R-rated animated Watchmen film, Jude Law will be a young Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts series of films, Shea Fontana will take over writing Wonder Woman, Dan Parent is bringing his updated classic Archie style to a new comic series, Captain Phasma gets her own comic and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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MacGyver (2016) Season 1

John and Kay have a spoiler filled discussion about the first season of the new MacGyver series including spoilers for the original MacGyver series.

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Raging Bullets Episode 494 : A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Episode 494: Superman Reborn and more: Sean and Jim get caught up on Superman related comics from Superman 18 to the current Action Comics 977.

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