Two Dimension | Episode 193

All New X-Men Trade 1
By Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen,
Wade Von Grawbadger And Marte Gracia.

Dallas and Don have read the All New X-Men Trade 1 and discuss their thoughts on the book through Skype. Don briefly talks about The Maxx, and brings up that he confused that character with The Goon and Lobo, only because they were big guys with four letter names.


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Comic Book Savant Episode 331: Series Spotlight: The Walking Dead: The Whisperer War

This week I am doing an Series Spotlight on Image -Skybound’s The Walking Dead: The Whisperer War. I will be covering the six issue arc in-depth in an spoiler free review. I will also discuss and review season 7 of The Walking Dead TV show. Enjoy!

Comics Alternative, On Location: Talking with Creators at the Sumter Comic Arts Symposium 2017

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Our Man in Sumter

As listeners of The Comics Alternative know, Andy oversees the annual Sumter Comic Arts Symposium every spring, and this year is no different. And this time, not only has he organized the entire event, but he also took time out of his duties to interview several of the creators who appeared at the symposium. First, he speaks with Sophie Goldstein and Carl Antonowicz at the local Waffle House — the sound quality isn’t ideal, but the breakfast ambience is palpable — and then he conducts an interview with Jeremy Whitley, talking primarily about his recent work with Marvel Comics.

Be sure to check out today’s companion on-location episode where Derek talks with several artists and publishers at Fan Expo Dallas 2017!



Comics Alternative, On Location: Talking with Creators at Fan Expo Dallas 2017

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Our Man in Dallas

This past weekend Derek attended Dallas Fan Expo 2017, and there he was able to talk with several creators and publishers for the podcast. Some of his guests are individuals who have been on the podcast before — either while at conventions or on regular interview episodes — although some are appearing on The Comics Alternative for the first time. Those talking with Derek on this on-location show include Robert Wilson IV, Terry Moore, Raechel Alexis Gasparac, Ed Brisson, Joe Eisma, and Matt Hawkins. Enjoy, won’t you?

Be sure to check out today’s companion on-location episode where Andy talks with a few creators at the Sumter Comic Arts Symposium!



The Grawlix Podcast #42: John Everyman’s Bone

The Grawlix Podcast discusses Jeff Smith’s ‘Bone Vol. 1: Out From Boneville‘ and more! Enjoy!

Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:03:02 – Jesse and Randy on The Doctor Who Show
00:06:39 – Jesse on The Two-Headed Nerd
00:07:13 – More Format Changes?
00:13:59 – Next Month’s Pick – Superman: Secret Identity
00:16:22 – Bone Vol. 1: Out From Boneville
00:48:52 – Letters Page (Contact Us!), Next Episode Topic
00:53:18 – Outro

Links Mentioned
The Doctor Who Show: The Night of the Doctor’s Music
AM Audio Media (Doctor Who Dark Journey)
The Two-Headed Nerd: THN Cover to Cover 3/26/17
Roman Pod and Cast

The Grawlix Podcast Links

Deconstructing Comics #541: Kyoto Manga Museum

Kyoto Manga Museum

Most people don’t equate the ancient city of Kyoto, Japan, with comics, but that happens to be the location of a museum and reading library of comics from Japan and around the world. Tim visited The Kyoto International Manga Museum recently, and this week he discusses it with Kobe-based comics creator Graeme McNee.

Also, a stopoff in Nagoya to chat with Adam Pasion, head of Big Ugly Robot Press, and co-organizer of the Comic Art Tokyo event.

Deconstructing Comics site

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Weekly Comics Spotlight #502: 2017-03-22

John and Drew discuss ACTION COMICS #976 by DC, IRON FIST #1 by Marvel and MAGDALENA #1 by IMAGE COMICS.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
00:44 DC: ACTION COMICS #976
20:09 Marvel: IRON FIST #1
37:47 General discussion
46:04 Next Week Promo
46:14 Wrap up
46:45 End of episode.

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