Secret Identity Podcast Issue #765–Super Sons and Wild Dog

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Super Sons #1
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Wild Dog #1

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Critiquing Comics #107: “Climb”


Irrational Comics sent us five comics that are in a competition to see which one can generate the most interest among readers and get published. This time, Tim and Mulele look at the first of the comics on Irrational’s “Pitch” page: Climb, a comic about a girl whose goal is to be the first to reach the top of an unusually-shaped mountain. Do we know enough about her and her quest to be intrigued?

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Radio Free Asgard 264

This week we cover the adventures of the mighty Sif and her companions, Fauxhawk, Man-Bun, and Facepaint, in Journey Into Mystery #648! There’s blood of many colors, a giant robot thingy, and together Sif & Co. somehow break the berserker dimension! Face front, true believers!