Comics in the Golden Age Special Mini Episode: Contest Winners Announced!

Mike announces the winners to our first contest! The Comics in the Golden Age Podcast is available through iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play, or at our website,

Comics Alternative Interviews: Karl Stevens

Listen to the podcast! Diluted Horse Piss Time Codes: 00:00:24 – Introduction 00:02:26 – Setup of interview 00:04:01 – Interview with Karl Stevens 01:26:32 – Wrap up 01:28:02 – Contact us On this interview episode, Derek talks with Karl Steven about Penny, his current weekly/semiweekly strip appearing in The Village Voice. The two discuss this ongoing comic and its genesis, but […]

Deconstructing Comics #533: Captain America: Evolving with the nation’s mood

Over the decades, Captain America has changed his name, changed his costume, changed his mission, and been temporarily replaced by others. These changes, and other story developments, have often reflected changes in the national mood, such as post-Watergate malaise or the struggle to understand why 9/11 happened and how the U.S. should respond to it. […]

Weekly Comics Spotlight #494: 2017-01-25

John and Drew discuss KAMANDI CHALLENGE #1 by DC, HULK #2 by Marvel and LADY CASTLE #1 by BOOM! STUDIOS. Time Codes: 00:00 Intro 00:44 DC: KAMANDI CHALLENGE #1 18:13 Marvel: HULK #2 29:21 Other: LADY CASTLE #1 [BOOM! STUDIOS] 36:59 General discussion 56:52 Next Week Promo 57:02 Wrap up 57:32 End of episode. Links: […]

The Grawlix Podcast #38: Hel Month

It’s just the boys this episode for the girl power love ballad that is Angela: Queen of Hel Welcome to FUNderworld. They also discuss Randy’s recent appearance on Grindbin, Dustin Smother’s recent appearance on Grawlix & Jesse’s daily entries in the #30DayComicChallenge. Enjoy! Show Notes and Links INTRO 00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings 00:04:07 – This Episode’s Topics […]