TMG_Cast-Comics Irrelevancy on the Edge of Civility-Episode 250-“Vader Don’t Date”






This is the big 250 kids-and introducing a new format-Star Wars books will be their own episode bi-monthly. The Marvel eps are too damn big so Star Wars gets their own.We mention the bad movie and move on to the memories of our on con, bad puns, and more.We eventually get down to cases with STAR WARS 17 and 18-with twisted philosophical viewpoints on killing prisoners, Liea leading the taking back of the prison, and we finally, finally see what the fuck nerfs are-as Luke and Han need to pay the Rebellion back for losing supply money on gambling. Rewired assault droids figure in prominently. We move to OBI WAN AND ANAKIN 3 and 4 features a dead world; all war materials are salvaged, and honestly, the world building is lacking; the team splits with Anakin taken by the females, and Obi-Wan discovering the sanctuary of the last cultural curator. Palpatine manipulates Anakin so easy-handedly, and Anakin is so young and dumb it’s hard to read.  We resignedly move on to C-3PO, him being given a simple escort quest, to get a 1st Order droid back to Ackbar-along with the standard quest trials that whittle the participants down to 3po alone-and the final denouement explaining the red arm. It’s the classic Sgt Rock everyone moving to their strength and dying before the mission is over. POE DAMERON 1 blows a lot of beautiful but uneventful pages in the quest for Lor San Tekka, his X-Wing flitting through caverns to eventaully find a giant egg and doofuses worshiping it. The backup story however is fun and adorable.  We end the episode with DARTH VADER 17, 18, 19.  The intrigue and action continue during the wrap up to the Shu-Torun War-lava craft, Vader ripping vessels up with his sabre, Aiolin asking to be trained, people dying plots within plots-000 gives a rousing speech-and Vader finally ending the war, leaving a Stormtrooper in overwatch-who will learn to dance. Thanoth cliffhangs us with a revelation….

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