Final Issue Podcast: Ep 46- Staying Whelmed w/Special Guest @zipyrich

1st Issue: Guest Introduction and Star Kickstarter

2nd Issue: Convention cracking down on Artist Alley

3rd Issue: Valiant signs 15 artists to exclusive contratcts

Final Issue: Fighting that overwhelmed feeling when collaborating on projects

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Comic Frontline Live #101: Carnage Cruise Lines


The Comic Frontline crew is back to talk comic news, more on DC Rebirth, and cover this week’s Top 5 picks. Which cast member only read one book? Which one is stuck on a boat with Carnage? Who read Hyperion? What did we think of the DC Rebirth titles announced? Learn all this and more in our 101st episode!

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Grawlix Bytes #5: Batman v Batman: Dawn of Batman (SPOILERS)

Grawlix BytesWe just couldn’t wait for the next episode of the regular Grawlix Podcast to discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Here is our review of the divisive blockbuster we’ve all been waiting for. So… which side of the love/hate fence did we fall on?

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TMG_Cast-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #234-“That’s Just Unconscionably Dumb”







The Rev is looking forward to an R2D2 mini..sort of. Nothing interesting is covered, so we jump right to the blech of THORS 4. Moving rapidly on to SILK 1, which Rev questions the very existence of but TJ is faithful on. SILVER SURFER 15 sees the completion of the Universe, turn-arounds, treachery, and late night pseudo-philosophical ramblings. UNCANNY X-Men 600 puts Beast on trial, and while it touches on severe ethical problems, it skips over and conversations of substance. CHEWBACCA 3 and 4 gives us Chewie exhibiting his legendary strength saving the miners, and Chewie, in a ballsy move, disguises himself as a wardroid.  STAR WARS 11 and 12 Ambushes! Dengar! Gladiators! HUTTS KICKING ASS! Why aren’t you reading this?! VADER DOWN 1, VADER 12, and VADER 13 bring us the tale of Vader interrupting Luke’s quest for the the first Jedi temple, fighting an enormous amount of Rebels, crashing, and facing even more Rebels that just don’t count. Han and Leia argue military priorities vis a vis Luke, but Aphra finds him first.

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Comics Alternative, Episode 181: Reviews of Paracuellos, The Baker Street Peculiars #1, and Power Lines #1

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Fascism, Sleuths, and Race


This week on the podcast, Gwen and Derek look at three very different recent titles. They begin with Carlos Giménez’s Paracuellos. The original first two volumes of this comic, published in Spain in 1977 and 1982, have now been collected into a single-volume English translation (by Sonya Jones) and published by IDW’s EuroComics imprint. The Paracuellos strips are Giménez’s autobiographical look at his time in several of the Social Aid “homes” that were a part of Francisco BSP-sampleFranco’s fascist Spain. As Gwen and Derek reveal, the stories are stark and heartbreaking, and Giménez presents a difficult environment where oppression and apathy (at least in the context of the adults) shape young and vulnerable lives. They discuss not only the socio-political atmosphere of Paracuellos, but also Giménez’s stylistic strategies for rendering this world. Next, the Guy and Gal with PhDs Talking about Comics look at two #1 issues just released this month: Roger Langridge and Andy Hirsch’s The Baker Street Peculiars (KaBOOM! Studios) and Jimmie Robinson’s Power Lines (Image Comics). The former is of particular interest to them, since Andy Hirsch is a friend of the show. This is the first of a four-issue series about a group of young outsiders who team up with whom appears to be Sherlock Holmes in 1930s London. The setup to this story is action-packed and exudes adventure, and Hirsch’s art brings out both the dynamism and the fun that this narrative has to offer. Power Lines is a different take on race relations in the United States, and, in many ways, it’s a very timely premise. A young African American male goes with his tagger friends into a white middle-class neighborhood, only to find himself a embroiled in some mysterious centuries-old power from which he cannot extricate himself. (Sort of like race in America?) Both Gwen and Derek like where Robinson seems to be going with the story, but they nonetheless wonder if he may be unexpectedly stepping into some ethnically tinged traps. However, the ambition is clearly there, and both cohosts are curious where Robinson’s story will eventually lead.


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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #221: Jack Trevino, J.C. Baez From ‘Star Trek: Renegades’

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Star Trek, Renegades, Kirk, Section 31, Deep Space Nine, Khan, Tuvok, Chekov, Walter Koenig, Tim Russ

Looking for more great Star Trek? Be sure to check out Star Trek: Renegades at their website here! The great news for comics fans is that my two guests this week, Jack Trevino and J.C. Baez, have played important roles in making a prequel comic that will enhance your enjoyment of their first episode! We talk about Trek, of course, and what the future holds for this excellent series of films as well as more comics based on them! If you love Trek or even if you don’t yet, be sure to listen to what Mr. Trevino and Mr. Baez have to say. You can also become part of their project, so be sure to go to this webpage after you listen to this episode!


Super Hero Speak – #149: Batman V: Superman’s Dumb Injustice

This week Dave, Ben, John and Zack take on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though the movie is a financial success at the box office, the critics aren’t loving it. And this movie seems to have divided many fans. The guys break down some of the finer points of the movie and discuss and debate them. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride with no consensus at the end. So you guys let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook, enjoy!


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ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 69: Arie Kaplan Interview

Of all the enjoyable experiences I’ve had working at ComicsVerse, many of the most memorable have revolved around meeting creators. I’ve had the opportunity to interview creators at various comic-cons, podcasts, and other mediums and it’s always been a pleasure to engage with them and go in-depth into their creative processes and history of their work. One of my favorites was a long conversation with writer Arie Kaplan last July, where we delved into his comics work, influences, and other projects including work in television, video games, and nonfiction writing.

READ: Check out our previous interview with Arie Kaplan.

Recently I had the opportunity to once again speak to Arie on behalf of ComicsVerse when he guested on episode 69 of the Comicsverse Podcast. The conversation also included ComicsVerse Editor-in-Chief Travis Czap, writer Kara Waltersdorf, writer and editor Jake Swirsky, writer Emily Coleman, and writer Cale Ward. Over the course of our conversation, we delve into numerous facets of Arie’s career, including his non-fiction books SHAWSHBUCKLING SCOUNDRELS: PIRATES IN FACT AND FICTION and FROM KRYPTON TO KRAKÓW: JEWS IN COMICS. We also discuss his three contributions to the children’s anthology 5-MINUTE AVENGERS STORIES from Marvel Press.

LISTEN: Enjoy podcast interviews with creators? Check out our episode with guest Greg Rucka.

We also delve into his future work, including a Wild West-centric Spider-Man story featuring the web-slinger interacting with Billy The Kid that will be released in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN STORYBOOK COLLECTION also from Marvel Press in May. As well as the Spidey story, we also discuss his upcoming LEGO STAR WARS books from Scholastic, the first of which is entitled “Face Off” and will be released in June. We also touch on Arie’s other career pursuits, including teaching classes and speaking engagements including his upcoming lecture on Jews and Comics at the Stony Brook University Hillel’s 5th Annual “Jewish University for a Day” event. We also discuss his work with Mad Magazine, as well as anecdotes from his television and video game industry experiences.

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Comic News Insider Episode 678 – CNI v Batman v Superman!


Comic News Insider: Episode 678 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Batman Vol 2 #50, Circuit-Breaker #1, Independence Day #1, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Jon Hoche makes it 3 weeks in a row as co-host! They chat about the Supergirl/Flash crossover in all of its adorableness and have a LENGTHY discussion/recap/review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I mean LENGTHY.  News includes: lots of DC Rebirth news, Elijah Wood will be the co-lead in BBC America’s upcoming Dirk Gently series, Peter Serafinowicz has been cast as The Tick in the upcoming Amazon live action pilot. and the Kingsman sequel will be called Kingsman: The Golden Circle and will take place in America. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Comic Book Savant Episode 292: TV Talk: Daredevil Season 2


This week I review season two of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix. It will be a spoiler filled review, where I discuss everything I know regarding the show and source material. Enjoy!

Rush Hour Movies

With Rush Hour television series which started on CBS on March 31st, John and Kay have a spoiler filled discussion about Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 Rush Hour
0:29:48 Rush Hour 2
0:58:59 Rush Hour 3
1:28:17 Wrap up
1:27:47 End of episode.

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EMP Episode 105: Orange Sherbet Galactus

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

In this episode we review Marvel Comics Avengers Books books of February 2016.

0:05:37 Mail
0:18:12 Midtro
0:20:01 A-Force #2
0:24:34 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #5
0:30:54 All New All Different Avengers #5
0:37:41 All New All Different Avengers #6
0:46:14 New Avengers (2015)#6
0:53:57 Ultimates (2015) #4
1:02:10 Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill
1:14:35 Power Man and Iron Fist (2016) #1
The Crowl Call
1:21:22 Spider-Woman (2016)

Music: EMP theme song
By Tribe One

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #231: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Wonder Woman

Episode #231

On this podcast we review the highly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Who wins? Who dies? Who kills? Did it live up to the hype? Listen in!


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Comics Alternative, Manga: Reviews of A Girl on the Shore and Goodnight Punpun, Vol. 1

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Eros and Thanatos


For the March episode of The Comics Alternative‘s manga series, Shea and Derek discuss two recent releases, both by Inio Asano: A Girl on the Shore (Vertical Comics) and Goodnight Punpun, Vol. 1 (VIZ Media). Before they plunge into those titles, though, they provide a bit of context about Asano’s style and briefly discuss his other works that have been translated into English. The guys primarily reference Solanin and Nijigahara Holograph as key Asano texts, but they also mention the two-volume series of short stories, What a Wonderful World. In many ways, Derek feels that A Girl on the Shore is a cross between Solanin‘s GirlOnShore-sampleemphasis on relationships and Nijigahara Holograph‘s fractured or more experimental narration. The guys also spend a good amount of time talking about the sexually explicit nature of the recent book. Most of A Girl on the Shore centers on its protagonists, Kuome and Isobe, slowly exploring one another, and much of that exploration is sexual in nature. However, neither Shea nor Derek feel that the visualizations are gratuitous in any way, and that Asano even complicates his explicitness through certain intriguing artistic choices. Next, the guys turn to a completely different kind of story, and one that’s a little more challenging to wrap your brain around. Goodnight Punpun originally ran for thirteen volumes in Japan, and this month VIZ Media began releasing the English translation in larger, two-in-one editions. In this first volume, we’re introduced to Punpun Punyama, a weird, largely silent bird-like creature who is supposedly a young human boy as are all of the other characters in the story. (Only the Punyama family is depicted as abstracted birds…although for all we know, this is a world where abstracted birds living with humans has been normalized.) While the storyline of this first volume is fairly straightforward — primarily a quest narrative for Punpun and his friends, and mostly involving Punpun’s love interest, Aiko — the manner of storytelling isn’t. At times Asano’s art is surreal or even psychedelic, and the events that occur can be downright trippy. Derek is fascinated by the hipster figure of god that keeps popping up throughout the book, and Shea likens Asano’s style to something approximating magical realism. All in all, this first installment of Goodnight Punpun is a fun punch in the gut that has the guys eagerly anticipating the next volumes to be released later this year. But then again, as far as Shea and Derek are concerned, any Inio Asano is worth eagerly anticipating.



Comics Alternative, On Location: The March Visit to Collected Comics and Games

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“It’s not just like, ‘Oh, here’s a boob'”


Derek is back at his local shop, Collected Comics and Games in Plano, TX, for the March on-location episode of podcast. (Unfortunately that was no February episode at Collected due to unforeseen circumstances.) While there, he talks with several shop employees and customers about a variety of comics-related matters. Folks spend a lot of time discussing some of the titles they’ve been reading lately. Matt Kuzio, who usually participates in these shows, was unable to be there this month, but he shared in absentia some of the comics he’s been enjoying, including Emma Ríos and Kwei Lim’s Mirror (Image Comics), Kate Leth and Brittney Williams’s Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! (Marvel Comics), Chris Lewis and Tony Gregori’s Karma Police (Comics Experience), and Sarah Andersen’s Adulthood Is a Myth: A Sarah’s Scribbles Collection (Andrews McMeel Publishing). Sabrina, the shop manager, talks up some of the preview copies she’s been receiving, such as the first issues of Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s The Fix (Image Comics), Christopher Sebela and Robert Wilson IV, Heartthrob (Oni Press), and Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss’s 4 Kids Walk into a Bank (Black Mask Comics). Chris, a regular customer of Collected, discusses his enthusiasm for Angela Queen of Hel (Marvel). And shop employee, Stephanie, mentions Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina’s Insext, although Derek references his less-than-enthusiastic discussion of the title in the recent publisher spotlight on AfterShock Comics. There’s also quite a bit of talk over recent comics in TV and film — such as the new Lucifer series and the second season of Daredevil — and, on a very special note, everyone there sings the praises of Andy Hirsh, a local artist (and friend of the show) who is also a Collected customer. His series, The Baker Street Peculiars (written by Roger Langridge and published by BOOM! Studios) just began this month, and his new book, Varmints, is due for release this fall from First Second. Needless to say, there’s plenty to discuss, and the guys cover a lot of ground this month!