Alternate Reality – Episode 382

Alternate Reality – Episode #382

Who’s been missing an episode of Alternate Reality?  I know I have!!! Well if you’re like me then you’re in luck because before we disappeared into a black hole on the other side of the galaxy we managed to record an Avengers 2 movie review that, because of the extreme gravitational forces put upon us, was never released.  Now, having narrowly escaped said singularity we suddenly have the time to edit and post this episode.  This was recorded months ago for you guys but because time is relative in a black hole it’s only been a few days for us.  But seeing as its October now we rebranded the episode a “Halloween episode” and dubbed it “certified spooky”, just for old time’s sake.  John Wimmer was with us for this episode, who sadly never made it out of the black hole, so sit back and enjoy our review of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  It’s the review that you never knew existed and now no longer care about.


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