Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode #37: Double Secret Probation


It’s been a tough couple of weeks in Weird Science Land…After the fallout from Eric’s Batman #44 review started to settle, Twitter decided to flag the site as “malicious”!  Delicious maybe, but malicious?  While Eric tries to calm the ship, Jim has conspiracy theories and is just generally pissed off.  After Jim loses his voice and takes too much cold medicine, they hunker down to talk some comics and actually end up in a pretty good mood.  Who knows what the future holds, but one things for sure, “Bricks no hit back”.


DC Comic Books Reviewed: Martian Manhunter #4, Superman/Wonder Woman #21, Wonder Woman #44,Black Canary #4, Robin: SOn of Batman #4, Doomed #4, Injustice: Year Four #20, Harley Quinn #20, Batman: Arkham Knight #21, Bizarro #4, Dr. Fate #4, Green Lantern: Lost Army #4 and Constantine: The Hellblazer #4.

DC Comics News: Bill Finger gets his due, Blue Beetle/Booster Gold Movie coming? DC Comics cancels 8 books and then brings back Omega Men, new creative team on Catwoman and Tom Taylor returns to Injustice.

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