Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 35: Nightmares and Dreams


ep 35: After last week’s marathon, Jim and Eric are still exhausted and Jim may have drank too much caffeine.  With less books, little news and a bad attitude, they recorded one of the shortest podcasts they have ever done.  We still find out what Eric really thinks of Wes Craven, what Jim thinks of Green Arrow and what both of them think of each other.  It’s another love fest for everyone to join in on.

DC Comic Books Reviewed:
Green Lantern #44, Detective Comics #44, Green Arrow #44, Deadpool vs Thanos #1, Midnighter #4, Batman Beyond #4, Lobo #10, Injustice: Year Four #18, Batman ’66 #68, Batman: Arkham Knight #29, Bat-Mite #4 and The Omega Men #4

DC Comic News:
Wes Craven is still dead, Crazy Foam is back and is Mystik U canceled?

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