EJDAC Ep. 40: This Is 40


Disagreetings! It’s another tangent-packed, spoiler-filled episode as Erik & James take to the cloud to discuss and inevitably disagree about a handful of recent comic books. This week our heroes get into Weirdworld #4, 1872 #3, the Secret Wars: Secret Love one-shot, and Erik jumps in on Sinestro #15. They also delve into the recently announced roster of the post-Secret Wars, All-New, All-Different era of Marvel Comics, and reveal their most hotly-anticipated titles of the new launches. And, look out – they actually agree on one of them! Follow us on the Twitter at @EJDAC, tumble for us at ejdac.tumblr.com, and contact us via the electronic mail at erikandjamesdisagree@gmail.com.

MwaP Episode 0: Mr Snuffles

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The Merc Report has now joined the EMP family of podcasts and has now become “The Merc With a Podcast!” -EXPLICIT CONTENT

In this episode we review Marvel Comic’s Deadpool books books of August 2015.

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0:12:40 Hitlist: 5 Top Anime Movies
0:21:42 News
0:33:06 Hell House Fax
0:44:50 Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #4
0:50:24 Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #3
0:55:03 Deadpool Paws
1:16:41 Guardians Team Up #10
1:20:42 X-Men Unlimited #28
1:26:18 Deadpool #46

Music by Jenki “Girls of Los Angeles”

Song Name: Where Do We Go From Here
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Super Hero Speak – #124: The Big Quiz Thing

So what happens when a nerd starts his own traveling quiz show? You get The Big Quiz Thing! Noah Tarnow, self proclaimed nerd and quiz master, sits downs with the guys and tells them how he started the show. Plus they talk comics, some difficult superhero trivia and what are some of the oddest themed quizzes he’s ever put together. So sit back and enjoy our chat with the quiz master, and don’t forget to check them out live in NY on 10/9/2015 as part of New York Super Week!


The Big Quiz Thing website: http://bigquizthing.com/

Noah’s Website: http://noahtarnow.com/

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Mayo Report: 2015-08 Trades

John Mayo and TJ discuss the sales estimates for the top selling graphic novels and collected editions for August 2015.

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Comic News Insider Episode 643 – CNI Reborn!


Comic News Insider: Episode 643 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Power Cubed #1, Wild’s End: The Enemy Within #1, Heroes Reborn, Once Upon A Time S5 premiere, The Simpsons S27 premiere

It’s a new podcast one day early! Jimmy is heading out to visit family so decided to record/release the podcast early. Emily Edwards returns to the rotating co-host chair and hey chat about their plans for the upcoming New York Comic Con. And boy howdy, are there plans. PLANS I SAY! News includes: Titan Comics to publish Independence Day comics based on the movie,  Death Note creators announced new manga, The Court rules that DC owns the rights to The Batmobile and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Zone 4 #316: You CAN See Us (aka, Spawn 2… Really?!?!)

Ron, Gordon and Brant talk Comic TV and Film related news, discuss Series and Season Premieres, and take a look at some comic movie sequels that almost happened!

Later on today, you can find the audio version with all the bells and whistles via iTunes.


Things Gordon Discussed:



Things Ron Discussed:

Things Brant Discussed:


Check out the RAW video version of the show below:

View from the Gutters #137 — Madame Xanadu

This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is Madame Xanadu, by Matt Wagner and Amy Reeder, with additional art by Joëlle Jones, Michael WM. Kaluta, and Marley Zarcone. Published in 2008, this series explores the origin of the titular Madame Xanadu. It follows her life and adventures from her origins in pre-historic Britain up through the mid-1970s, including numerous encounters with the mysterious Phantom Stranger.

In our recommendation section our hosts nominated Ladykiller, Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland, The Fuse, Vol. 2, Chew, and High Crimes for discussion on our next episode, and our selected title is High Crimes.

Our hosts for this episode are Andrew Chard, Tobiah Panshin, Kayleigh Fleeman, Brant Gillihan-Eddy, and Cade Reynolds.

EMX Episode 34: Jump Suit Iron Fist

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form EMX!

In this eXplicit, uncut and unedited episode of EMX we review X-Men books books of August 2015. Featuring guest host David Pinckney (Twitter: @HelixandMeteors)

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Magneto #21
Secret Wars:
Age of Apocalypse #2
E is for Extinction #3
Giant Sized Little Marvel:AVX #3
House of M #1
Old Man Logan #4
X-Men ’92 #6-7
Years of Future Past #4
X-Tinction Agenda #3
Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #2
Inferno #4

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Deconstructing Comics #467: Sophie Goldstein and “The Oven”

The Oven

On a world with two suns, a young couple leave their city in a bubble and go to live in a small rural community. Is it the freedom they’ve been looking for? That’s the premise of Sophie Goldstein’s graphic novel “The Oven”. This week Sophie talks with Tim about “The Oven”, readers who have varying interpretations of her work, her warning for budding comics creators, and more.

Deconstructing Comics site

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #690–Heart In a Box and Armored Saint

Secret Identity PodcastLiner Notes:
Saxon and Armored Saint Show
Black Sabbath blog series (Matt)
Thrash it Out (www.thrashitoutpodcast.com)

Betty and Veronica #277
Heart in a Box

Summer Watching Project:
Daredevil #8
Daredevil #9

Creator Spotlight: Adrian King
Matt spoke to the man behind the Adrian Has Issues podcast at Special Edition: NYC 2015. You can check out Adrian’s Has Issues at www.adrianhasissues.com.

Send comments to sipodcast@comcast.net OR leave us a voicemail at 860-698-0468. Check out www.secretidentitypodcast.com for all things Secret Identity.

Weekly Comics Spotlight #423: 2015-09-16

John Mayo and Drew discuss WONDER WOMAN #44 by DC, CAPTAIN AMERICA WHITE #1 by Marvel and PAYBACKS #1 by DARK HORSE.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
00:44 DC: WONDER WOMAN #44
23:59 Other: PAYBACKS #1 [DARK HORSE]
30:31 General discussion
52:03 Next Week Promo
52:13 Wrap up
52:44 End of episode.

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Raging Bullets Episode 446 : A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Episode 446: Green Lantern 44, Sinestro 15, and Green Lantern Lost Guardians 4! Sean and Jim talk about the recent events in the Green Lantern Universe.

Listener voicemail return next week.

Show Notes:

0:00 Show opening, http://www.heroinitiative.org, http://cbldf.org/,http://www.DCBService.com, http://www.Instocktrades.com,  http://dcinfinite.com, http://www.comicspodcasts.com/, http://comicbooknoise.com/league/, show voicemail line 1-440-388-4434 or drnorge on Skype,and more.

Show contact info and web site: http://www.ragingbullets.com

2:48 Comic chat

1:16:30 Closing

We’ll be back next week with our next episode.  Check Ragingbullets.com, Twitter and our Facebook group for regular updates.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #195 With Daniel Corey from ‘Bloodworth’

Daniel Corey, Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, FutureCrime, Bloodworth, DangerKatt, Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, Red City, Image Comics, comixology, New Thought

It’s time for the 195th episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast! This week I have a fun interview with Daniel Corey, who has just released Bloodworth, his newest FutureCrime series, now out on comixology.com! This title explores what the future may hold for crime solving, especially when it comes to using social networking  and mind-reading technology! We discuss how Daniel created the comic as well as who the characters are and what certain images on the cool cover may hold for future issues!

Daniel is probably best known as the scripter for the Moriarty comic from Image, based on the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle foe of Sherlock Holmes! He discusses the latest news on this franchise as well as Red City, another great mystery comic he has available in collected edition! Don’t miss it!


Episode 38: “He’s Dead Jim” / Weird Science DC Comics Podcast


Jim and Eric continue the fun this week by discussing all the DC Comics and DC Comic News that two grown men can take.  Along the way, we all learn that their local comic book shop still sucks, Jim doesn’t really pay attention to the news and Eric has a lot of friends who all have ridiculous nicknames.  Jim also continues his nyquil addiction…but it’s all for the good of the podcast.  When they get to the books, they don’t agree as usual, but Jim does convince Eric that We are Robin wasn’t as bad as he first thought.  Jim:1 Eric: 0  Enjoy!

DC Comics Books Reviewed: Grayson #12, We are Robin #4, Batgirl #4, Gotham by Midnight #9, The Flash #44, Sinestro #15, Injustice: Year Four #21, Batman: Arkham Knight #32, He-Man and the Eternity War #10, Deathstroke #10 and Justice League 3001 #4

DC Comics News: Flamingo cast in Gotham, Court of the Owls Coming to Gotham, Checkmate added to Legends of Tomorrow, DC Comics owns the Batmobile

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