Comic Book Central – Episode #74: Rod Haase

A nightmare date on The Dating Game, wardrobe malfunctions on Hero At Large and a shocking revelation about Flash Gordon! In a FLASH, Rod Haase joins me to talk about becoming the first actor to portray the “Fastest Man Alive” on Legends of the Superheroes! #ShareTheLair "Like" Comic Book Central on Facebook: Subscribe to Comic Book Central in iTunes: Follow Comic Book Central on Twitter: email:

A nightmare date on The Dating Game, wardrobe malfunctions on Hero At Large and a shocking revelation about Flash Gordon! In a FLASH, Rod Haase joins me to talk about becoming the first actor to portray the “Fastest Man Alive” on Legends of the Superheroes!
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The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting On the Edge of Civility-Episode 199-“…New 52’s Literary Crimes Aside…”


We talk some bad Bat villains for a little bit; mention Supergirl’s debut photo. We finally get to some Marvels with THOR 3 with Malekith backstory, good dialog, Jotuns trying to eat Thor, and more. TV SHIELD 1, which was fun Waid stuff. CAP AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS 3, The inverted Avengers and the good Avengers throw down, with Spidey breaking it up. HAWKEYE DEADPOOL 3 having Kate and Wilson teaming up to fight a mind controlled Clint; SHE HULK 11, with guests Titania and Volcana, which was neat to see after all these years; SUPERIOR IRON MAN 3 brings us TEEN ABOMINATION(eww) wanting extremis 3, and matt having a nice moment. UNCANNY XMEN 29 has ILLYANA catching Dr Strange and Clea in bed, and that’s all you need. MS MARVEL 10 Kamala argues with volunteer duracells, and THAT’s all you need. CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 give us some good Sam backstory, which is tainted with the bad father routine, before Zemo has Crossbones attack; CAPTAIN MARVEL 10 seems to be a pleasant pallette cleanser as Carol gets letters from home. BLACK WIDOW 13 ramps things up a bit, with Nat hunting down accountants? whaaaa! ALL NEW XMEN 34 MILES and DISCOUNT JEAN JR meet the ultimate xmen, while bobby fights mole men amusingly. SPIDEY ANNUAL 1 has an amusing but not unheard of PETE IS LATE OH NO routine.  AMAZING SPIDER MAN 11 brings in 60s cartoon spidey, and now you can die happy. SPIDER WOMAN 2 Jess lands in a world where she’s some kind of ruler, so she takes it in stride and takes charge.

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Radio Free Asgard 191


This week, we actually cover a Thor issue (I know,it’s been awhile!) as we return to Thor Vol. 2 with issue #14! Thor & Iron Man fight the Absorbing Man & Titania, and ol’ Shellhead gets to go to Asgard! And for some reason, Jane knows Iron Man’s secret identity…

Superman Fan Podcast Episode 319 Part VI: MegaCon 2016: Learn How An Animation Studio Works Panel!

Top Left: Clovis, Bottom Left: Theory Animation, Right: David Andrade!

Top Left: Clovis, Bottom Left: Theory Animation, Right: David Andrade!

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The first panel I attended on Saturday morning, April 11, 2015 at MegaCon was titled, LEARN HOW AN ANIMATION STUDIO WORKS! David Andrade discussed how Theory Animation was formed, and what is unique about the company. He also played Theory Animation’s cartoon RAY & CLOVIS. If you would like more information about the company, or are an animator interested in working for them, check out

Next Episode: MEGACON 2015: HARLEY QUINN & STARFIRE PANEL with Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.

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Episode 132: Reviews of The Leaning Girl and Unflattening

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The Flat Earth?

On this episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek discuss two thought-provoking books that challenge the way we look at sequential narratives. First, they explore François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters’s The Leaning Girl, the first edition of the Franco-Belgian series, Les Cités LeaningGirlobscures, currently being translated and published in English by Alaxis Press. The guys begin by giving a little background of The Obscure Cities, its spotty publication history in the US, and Alaxis Press’ attempts to bring all eleven volumes of the series into print with new translations. The Leaning Girl is actually the sixth book in the series, although readers do not need any knowledge or experience with the earlier works in order to appreciate it. In fact, the guys emphasize the fact that The Leaning Girl easily stands (or leans) on its own, and its immersive narrative world, as fantastic as it is, effectively draws you in so that you quickly become acquainted with its many facets. There are three story threads that eventually tie together, much like the convergence between worlds that takes place in the book. Translated by Stephen D. Smith, and with photography by Marie-Françoise Plissart, The Leaning Girl is a beautiful European album-sized work of art, one that anticipates and sets the standard for the next planned volumes in the series, The Theory of the Grain of Sand and The Shadow of a Man. Next, the Two Guys with PhDs look at a completely different kind of book, Nick Sousanis’s Unflattening. Published by Harvard University Press, this book is based off of Sousanis’s doctoral dissertation at the Teachers College of Columbia University, and it focuses on alternative and diverseUnflattening1 ways of experiencing the world, making our understanding of existence more “rounded” and less “flat” (thus, the title). This is an extended essay in comics form — much like Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics — and it’s divided into ten main sections (not counting the extensive notes and bibliography that complete the text). Sousanis begins with references to Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland and then uses that romance as a springboard into his larger thesis. The first three chapters, or parts, provide a brief introductory overview of epistemology from a historical perspective. The themes presented here are played out over the course of the text. In the fourth section, “The Shape of Our Thoughts,” Sousanis links his broader ideas with the medium of comics, and it’s here where Unflattening becomes a kind of theoretical take on comics. After that, the book plays out the remainder of his thesis. Both guys are fascinated by this project, and as Andy points out, the book is exciting for what might anticipate with future graduate studies, comics and otherwise. Will we see other comics-based dissertations in other disciplines? And while Derek believes this could be one of the most notable books of the year, he nonetheless feels that the narrative flattens out — so to speak — about halfway in, after the “Shape of Our Thoughts” chapter, and that Sousanis merely revisits or repeats many of the points he made in the first half. Regardless, this is comic worth studying, even though it will probably fall beneath most readers’ radar. But as the guys point out, it, along with The Leaning Girl, deserves serious and repeated attention.