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The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting On the Edge of Civility-Episode 199-“…New 52’s Literary Crimes Aside…”

  We talk some bad Bat villains for a little bit; mention Supergirl’s debut photo. We finally get to some Marvels with THOR 3 with Malekith backstory, good dialog, Jotuns trying to eat Thor, and more. TV SHIELD 1, which was fun Waid stuff. CAP AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS 3, The inverted Avengers and the […]

Radio Free Asgard 191

This week, we actually cover a Thor issue (I know,it’s been awhile!) as we return to Thor Vol. 2 with issue #14! Thor & Iron Man fight the Absorbing Man & Titania, and ol’ Shellhead gets to go to Asgard! And for some reason, Jane knows Iron Man’s secret identity… Play in new window […]

Superman Fan Podcast Episode 319 Part VI: MegaCon 2016: Learn How An Animation Studio Works Panel!

Download Episode 319 Part VI! The first panel I attended on Saturday morning, April 11, 2015 at MegaCon was titled, LEARN HOW AN ANIMATION STUDIO WORKS! David Andrade discussed how Theory Animation was formed, and what is unique about the company. He also played Theory Animation’s cartoon RAY & CLOVIS. If you would like more […]

Episode 132: Reviews of The Leaning Girl and Unflattening

Listen to the podcast! The Flat Earth? On this episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek discuss two thought-provoking books that challenge the way we look at sequential narratives. First, they explore François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters’s The Leaning Girl, the first edition of the Franco-Belgian series, Les Cités obscures, currently being translated and published in English by Alaxis Press. The guys begin by […]