Ultimate Facepalm 147: Rage of Ultron review, Netflix Daredevil and Robble Robble!

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Very much enjoyable show to do with a ridiculous case of the giggles halfway through (purely brought on by our own stupidity)

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G at Oz Comic Con

C Bomb catching up on all the shows!


UFP Crew Questions!

Ant Man Trailer

Michelle MacLaren leaves Wonder Woman/DC/WB

Netflix Daredevil

UFP News and the return of a VERY funny UFP OF THE WEEK!!!




Olivia Munn to play Psylocke in X Men Age of Apocalypse

Fox TV remaking the Rocky Horror Picture Show

New Spider Man in Civil War will be 15 – 16 years old

Terminator Genisys trailer

Game of Thrones Season 5 leak

Comic Reviews

  • Rage of Ultron
  • Savior #1






Ultimate Facepalm 146: Ash Vs The Evil Dead, no one really wants to play a gay orc dating sim and the Great Gazoo is one to the original Green Lantern Corps!

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Here’s the latest and *a-hem!* “greatest!

G’s hand is almost 100% and will be at Oz Comic Con (mostly likely)

Smart casual David Lee Roth on Ellen (?)

We will be answering some of the UFP Crew Questions on UFPTV!

We answer, wrap on the UFP Crew questions!

Nerd News!

Star Trek and Green Lantern cross over

Banjo Kazooie Movie rumor from WonderCon

Earthbound Sold Out on Club Nintendo

Who want’s to play a gay orc dating sim? The answer is, NO ONE!!!!!

Batman V Superman teaser trailer MIGHT happen!






Snarky Geeks Episode 132

Snarky Geeks Episode 132 – …Sniffing Comics! 

Hosts Franky DeJesus and John Turiano
After going over some news bits, such as the retirement of AJ Lee from wrestling, BvS trailer, DeadPool costume,  Secret Wars cancellations, the Snarks give a plethora of reviews, Spawn: Resurrection, Jem and The Holograms, Hack/Slash/Nailbiter, Big Man Plans, Multiversity: Ultra Comics, Deep Dive Daredevils, We Can Never Go Home, and the Sorry-List , …  and much more! … You really have to listen to the whole show!

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Radio Free Asgard 190


This week, it’s the Lee/Kirby Retrospective, as I give my thoughts on the entirety of the Stan Lee / Jack Kirby run, 1962 to 1970.

Comic Book Central – Episode #72: Garrett Craig

Let the celebration begin! I'm taking a look back at the 70s super silly spandex series, Legends of the Superheroes with the man who brought Captain Marvel to life (and to the Riddler's therapy couch), actor/writer/comedian Garrett Craig! http://traffic.libsyn.com/comicbookcentral/CBC_Ep_72_Garrett_Craig.mp3 http://comicbookcentral.net #ShareTheLair "Like" Comic Book Central on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comicbookcentralnetwork Subscribe to Comic Book Central in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/comic-book-central-podcast/id737621226?mt=2 Follow Comic Book Central on Twitter: https://twitter.com/comicbookctrl email: joe@comicbookcentral.net

Let the celebration begin! I’m taking a look back at the 70s super silly spandex series, Legends of the Superheroes with the man who brought Captain Marvel to life (and to the Riddler’s therapy couch), actor/writer/comedian Garrett Craig!
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Comics Alternative Episode 131: Reviews of Nemo: River of Ghosts, Rebels #1, and No Mercy #1

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Finding Nemo

This week Derek and Andy discuss three recent titles, each of which is part of a larger series. First, they review the third in Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s Nemo trilogy, Nemo: River of Ghosts (Top Shelf). The guys begin their discussion by looking at the series as a whole — even placing the Nemo3trilogy within the larger context of Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen universe — and then exploring the accessibility of the text as a singular narrative. River of Ghosts certainly needs to stand alongside the first two Nemo volumes, Heart of Ice and The Roses of Berlin, but the intertextual demands imbedded in the story (and in the Nemo trilogy as a whole) are far fewer than they are in the League books. Indeed, the three-part story of Janni Dakkar, beginning in 1925 (in Heart of Ice) and wrapping up in 1987, where River of Ghosts concludes, reads more as an adventure tale to be enjoyed than as a literary text to be deciphered. Yet, the Nemo trilogy is still part of Moore’s larger narrative tapestry, and its picaresque quality adds even further dimension to the already substantive League universe. Next, the Two Guys turn to the latest series from Brian Wood, Rebels (Dark Horse). In this inaugural issue, with art by Andrea Mutti, we get a good dose of historical fiction — the New Hampshire Grants become pivotal, and Ethan Allen even makes an appearance — but in many ways it’s familiar territory to Wood.Rebels2 This first narrative arc’s subtitle, “A Well-Regulated Militia,” as well as the introductory premise embedded on the first page, suggest that this series may be similar to Wood’s long-running DMZ in political and cultural tone. Although that one of his favorite series from the past decade, Derek hopes that the allegorical messaging found in DMZ doesn’t become too heavy in Rebels. And Andy observes that perhaps the series will stick more closely to the kind of historically based fiction we find in Northlanders. Yet, despite a little confusion generated by the issue’s central confrontation, a class between colonials and redcoats at the village courthouse, the guys found Rebels #1 a solid read and anticipate the series to come. Andy and Derek wrap up this week’s show with a review of No Mercy #1 (Image), the new series from Alex de Campi and Carla Speed McNeil. What begins as a potentially light or trendy look at youth culture turns darker and more complex as the story develops. As de Campi makes clear in her comments at the end of this first issue, the lives and interactions of young adults are rich enough with drama without the usual genre-bendings or twists found in many contemporary narratives. There are no vampires, no otherworldly visitations, no anthropomorphic engagements. In No Mercy, we can expect to get real people from real contexts, and the story will be driven by their all-too-real desires and limitations. And in this first issue, we see de Campi and McNeil play out this premise to an uncertain, and unexpected, crescendo.



Comics Alternative Interviews: More Tim Seeley

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Tim Time

At last weekend’s Sumter Comic Arts Symposium, Andy sat down with Tim Seeley in front of a live con audience and talked with him about his various comics, including Grayson, Batman Eternal, EffigyRevival, and Sundowners. Along with Ray Fawkes (not part of this interview), Tim was one of the special guests at this first-ever Sumter event, which is described on the Sumter county’s website as:

an event like no other. This fun-filled event celebrates some of the most exciting and innovative creators working in comics and graphic novels today. From colorful cosplayers, once-in-a-lifetime Q&A panels, to exhibitions highlighting comics-inspired artworks along with prized original comic art from local collectors and emerging comic artists, the Sumter Comic Arts Symposium is sure to be the highlight of the Spring season.

Tim has been on The Comics Alternative twice before, back in November 2012 soon after Revival began, and then September of last year to talk about Grayson and Sundowners. He now joins the proud pantheon of creators who have had multiple appearances on the podcast, including Craig Yoe and Andy Hirsch!