Evil Squid Comics 270

Listen Here Some reviews and… An interview with C.W. Cooke, writer extraordinaire and creator of Solitary!!

#445 Secrets of “The Sculptor”

By now you’ve no doubt read or listened to several reviews of Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor — and perhaps you’ve read the book itself. Mainstream-media and average-Amazon-user reviews have been adulatory; reviews in the comics media have ranged from a hesitant thumbs-up to vitriol-fests. But, it seems to us, all of those reviewers are missing […]

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #655–Spider-Woman and Alex Simmons

News: X-Files back for 6 episodes (Summer Watching Project) Rumor: Marvel has cast Capt. Marvel and she’ll appear in Age of Ultron How to choose what convention to attend Reviews: Spider-Woman #5 Boob Tube: The Flash iZombie Walking Dead Arrow Creator Spotlight: Alex Simmons The creator of BlackJack and the founder of kids Comic Con […]

Weekly Comics Spotlight #398: 2015-03-25

John Mayo and Drew discuss MULTIVERSITY: ULTRA COMICS #1 by DC, UNCANNY X-MEN #32 by Marvel and PASTAWAYS #1 by DARK HORSE. Time Codes: 00:00 Intro 00:44 DC: MULTIVERSITY: ULTRA COMICS #1 14:46 Marvel: UNCANNY X-MEN #32 22:53 Other: PASTAWAYS #1 [DARK HORSE] 33:03 General discussion 34:51 Daredevil #14 spoilers 36:29 End of Daredevil #14 […]