#445 Secrets of “The Sculptor”


By now you’ve no doubt read or listened to several reviews of Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor — and perhaps you’ve read the book itself. Mainstream-media and average-Amazon-user reviews have been adulatory; reviews in the comics media have ranged from a hesitant thumbs-up to vitriol-fests. But, it seems to us, all of those reviewers are missing some things — both about the book’s intended message and how that message looks in light of McCloud’s own purpose in making the book.

Should comics people be concerned about the impression this book from the lionized McCloud might make on new comics readers? Is it a book about “living in the now”? Does it really read like a book for teens? Tim discusses these questions and more with Loyola Marymount University Associate Professor Juan Mah y Busch.

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Secret Identity Podcast Issue #655–Spider-Woman and Alex Simmons

Secret Identity Podcast

X-Files back for 6 episodes (Summer Watching Project)
Rumor: Marvel has cast Capt. Marvel and she’ll appear in Age of Ultron
How to choose what convention to attend

Spider-Woman #5

Boob Tube:
The Flash
Walking Dead

Creator Spotlight: Alex Simmons
The creator of BlackJack and the founder of kids Comic Con chatted with matt at NYCC 2014. For more info on BlackJack, head to http://www.blackjackadventures.com, and you can find out all about Kids’ Comic Con at http://kidscomiccon.com.

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Weekly Comics Spotlight #398: 2015-03-25

John Mayo and Drew discuss MULTIVERSITY: ULTRA COMICS #1 by DC, UNCANNY X-MEN #32 by Marvel and PASTAWAYS #1 by DARK HORSE.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
14:46 Marvel: UNCANNY X-MEN #32
22:53 Other: PASTAWAYS #1 [DARK HORSE]
33:03 General discussion
34:51 Daredevil #14 spoilers
36:29 End of Daredevil #14 spoilers
56:36 Next Week Promo
56:46 Wrap up
57:17 End of episode.

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