Raging Bullets Episode 426 : A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Episode 426: Raging Oscars 2015 9 Year Anniversary Show: Sean and Jim celebrate 9 years of podcasting but looking back at some of their favorite moments and concepts from 2014 to early 2015. Categories include: who has had the best and worst year, team I would and would not want to be a part of, characters I would and would not want to team up with, supporting character I would and would not want to be, places in the DCU I would and would not want to live, top heroic and villainous moments, all based on the events in the comics.

Listener voicemail from Comic Timing’s Ian Levenstein!

Show Notes:

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Show contact info and web site: http://www.ragingbullets.com

3:21 Raging Oscars

2:30:50 Voicemails and comments on 9 years of podcasting

2:43:25 Closing

We’ll be back next week with our next episode.  Check Ragingbullets.com, Twitter and our Facebook group for regular updates.

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Podcast of Oa Episode 83 – With These Rings

Episode 83 of The Podcast of Oa continues our series of Green Lantern content covering the February and March comics.  This episode spotlights the final two issues of Green Lantern: New Guardians and the end of Justin Jordan’s run on the title.  The pair discuss Cosmic Odyssey and Hal Jordan’s new direction in response to an email from fellow Green Lantern blogger, Flodo Span.

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The Podcast of Oa is sponsored by Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop. Green Lantern and other related characters are the copyrighted property of DC Comics Inc. and are used without permission. The Blog of Oa and The Podcast of Oa are fan productions and do not claim any ownership over the Green Lantern or any other copyrighted properties.

Show Links:

Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comics (www.momthrewout.com)

Flodo’s Page (http://flodospage.blogspot.com/)


Show Notes

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:50 Green Lantern: New Guardians #39

00:11:01 Green Lantern: New Guardians #40

00:31:22 Listener Feedback

00:42:26 Closing


Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #206: Deadpool! Lex Luthor! Ultra Comics and Hit 1957 Reviews!

Episode #206

The Professor from Rhymes With Geek sits in this podcast as we talk Deadpool, Heroes Reborn and some Jesse Eisenberg. Then we review The Multiversity: Ultra Comics and Hit: 1957. Listen in!


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Final Issue Podcast #5 – The Sexualization of Teen Heroes

Our panelist discuss the ramifications of the Valiant Movie deal, new costume designs for the DC heroes, the new Batman video game getting a MA rating and the #comicsforward backlash. Our final issue this week is a discussion about the over sexualization of under aged characters.

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Evil Squid Comics 269

Listen Here

Whats In The Box

Planet Comic Con



Big Man Plans

Howard The Duck

Pop Star Assassins by Ed Lavallee

Solitary by C.W. Cooke

Flying Fortress by Eric Weathers


Punisher Retrospective continues…

Superman Fan Podcast Episode 318 Part I: Superman Family Comic Cover Dated January 1961: Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #22!

Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #22!

Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #22!

Download Episode 318 Part I!

SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE 22, January 1961, was published on November 15, 1960 (7 years before my sister was born). It contained 32 pages for the cover price of 10¢. Mort Weisinger was the editor, and the cover was pencilled by Curt Swan and inked by Stan Kaye. It featured the issue’s second of three stories. All three stories were drawn by Kurt Schaffenberger, and have been reprinted in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: SUPERMAN FAMILY vol. IV.

– THE DAY SUPERMAN PROPOSED (8 pgs.), was written by Otto Binder, according to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics, while the Grand Comic Book Database and The Comic Book Database credit Jerry Siegel as the writer. Since there is some disagreement about the writer credit, I will not be adding this story to Siegel’s silver age total. This story was also reprinted in 80 PAGE GIANT 14, September 1965, published on July 15, 1965, for the cover price of 25¢.

– LOIS LANE’S X-RAY VISION (8 pgs.), writer was unknown according to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics, while the Grand Comic Book Database and The Comic Book Database credit Robert Bernstein as the writer of this story. This story was also reprinted in SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE 85, an 80 Pg. Giant, cover dated September/October 1967, published on June 29, 1967.

– SWEETHEART OF ROBIN HOOD (9 pgs.), writer unknown, according to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics and The Comic Book Database, while the Grand Comic Book Database lists Robert Bernstein? as possibly the writer.

This episode also highlights the issue’s ads and other features, including the LETTERS TO LOIS column.


In 2 Weeks: MEGACON 2015 PREVIEW!


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Thanks for listening to the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman!

Feed It Comics #70 | Within Sniffing Distance

FIC #70

Oh boy oh boy! Feed It Comics turns 70, and Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd breath new life into the show with a brand new segment, and a few new comics for the master’s ever expanding menu.

They also talk Ryan Renolds new Deadpool duds, Lex “Eisenberg” Luthor, a couple Emerald City Comicon announcements, Hugh Jackman’s not-so-cryptic instagram, and more! Here is another great jumping on point for new listeners so give it a go! The world depends on it.

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Music by Doc Fluxx and Disasterpeace

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The Undecideables Oddcast – Average Age of 72 and a Half



The Undecideables discuss all things pop culture this week as Jimmy finally remembers the episode number, Dan watches Wrestlemania 31 and they both enjoy the same comic series!  Read and Listen!!

Arc Reactions – S17 – Emerald City Comicon 2015

Emerald City Comicon 2015 was a blast. Another great year of comics, movies, television, and games all coming together to celebrate what we love. Dylan and John discuss what they enjoyed at the convention as well as a few trends they have noticed and wonder how things will change for next year. Also, they talk about some of the other shows they will be attending this year and possibly in future years.

Caricature by Mark Brill

Links to organizations and comics mentioned in the episode:

Upcoming Comicons:
Episodes mentioned:
If you would like to download the episode, right click and Save As:

Please join us Sunday, April 5th for The Wake from Scott Snyder.

We would like to thank Packie Wambaugh for recording our intro and outro music for us.

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We look forward to hearing form you and thanks for listening



Comics in the Golden Age Podcast Episode 6: Secret Origins!

Comics in the Golden Age episode 6

Episode 6: Secret Origins!

Chris and Mike discuss their history with comic books, the creation of the podcast and things to come in the future.

The Comics in the Golden Age Podcast is available through iTunes and Stitcher, or at our website, comicsinthegoldenage.com.

Deconstructing Comics #444: “Scott Pilgrim”, Reconsidered

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

Years ago, when the Scott Pilgrim series was only half-finished, Tim and Brandon discussed it on this show. Since the series was completed, we’ve discussed Bryan Lee O’Malley’s other books (Lost at Sea and Seconds), causing Tim to reconsider Pilgrim, what O’Malley did right (and wrong) in the series, and what it all means.

This week, Tim and Kumar take on the whole six-volume series. Was it really necessary for Ramona to have so many exes? Did Scott end up with the right girl? These questions and more!

Deconstructing Comics site

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #654–She-Hulk and Howard the Duck

Secret Identity Podcast

Download Location of the Week: Fitchburg, MA


Howard the Duck #1
She-Hulk #12
The Black Hood #1
Swamp Thing #40
The Phantom #1

Out of the Longbox:
iZombie #1

Send comments to sipodcast@comcast.net OR leave us a voicemail at 860-698-0468. Check out www.secretidentitypodcast.com for all things Secret Identity.

Weekly Comics Spotlight #397: 2015-03-18

John Mayo and Drew discuss SUPERGIRL #40 by DC, PRINCESS LEIA #2 by Marvel and CHRONONAUTS #1 by IMAGE COMICS.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
00:43 DC: SUPERGIRL #40
11:46 Marvel: PRINCESS LEIA #2
30:22 General discussion
44:27 Previews Spotlight deadline (morning of Saturday, April 4th, 2015) reminder
45:21 Next Week Promo
45:32 Wrap up
46:02 End of episode.

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Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 54 – Season 3

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Miami Vice Remix #1, Batman & Robin #40, Invincible #118, Chrononauts #1, Nova #28 and more ………….

Run Times –PODCAST logo2

News In Comics…. – 2:25- 42:32

Miami Vice Remix #1 – 42:44- 51:49

Batman & Robin #40 – 51:49- 1:01:26

Invincible #118 – 1:01:26- 1:12:03

Chrononauts #1 – 1:12:03- 1:23:41

Nova #28 – 1:23:41- 1:30:12

Books to look for – 1:30:12

*** If you would like to ask a question of our panel you can email at – top5podcast@hotmail.com ***

Crisis On Infinite Midlives Show Episode 61: With Princess Leia Muffins On The Side

CrisisOnInfinideMidlivesPodcastLogo_300x300It’s a somewhat truncated show this week, as Rob has been battling a bug for the past couple of days. However, The Show Must Go On, particularly when you do a show about superhero comics during a week when the first medically-created superpowers were discovered. Sure, they’re crappy superpowers, and they run the risk of making you see C’thulhu in every dark corner, but I guess you’ve gotta start somewhere.

More importantly, we wanted to announce that while we will not be covering this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, we will be covering The Chicago Comic And Entertainment Expo the last weekend in April! So in this episode we talk about why we chose to cover that particular convention, a preliminary schedule of podcast episodes we’ll be releasing during and after the con, some of the more interesting panels we want to take in and cover, and how C2E2’s guest roster and programming schedule remind us pretty strongly of SDCC as it was ten years ago.

We also discuss:

  • Darth Vader #3, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salvador Larroca, and:
  • Miami Vice: Remix #1, written by Joe Casey with art by Jim Mahfood!

And now the disclaimers:

  • We record this show live to tape. While it might mean a looser comics podcast than you’re used to, it also means that anything can happen. Like finding out whether “pig slapping” means what Amanda thinks it means.
  • This show contains spoilers. While we try to shout out warnings ahead of time, be aware that we might ruin your knowledge of the current mental state of Lt. Martin Castillo (that state being “shaky.” See? Spoilers everywhere!).
  • This show contains adult, profane language, and is therefore not safe for work. Do you want your boss to know Rob’s definition of “pig slapping”? Of course not. Get some headphones.

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