EJDAC Bonus: 50 Shades of MODOK


Erik makes a complete departure from the podcast format to read the brilliant and ridiculous “50 Shades of MODOK”, written by @KitBlonde and used with her permission. Follow her on Twitter, she’s funny. Originally posted as a story on modokgrey.tumblr.com. Erik & James agree it’s awesome. (Sidenote/Correction: I believe I mention in the audio that the story was written by “a guy” when it is in fact written by a lady; her Twitter avatar is a dude, so, I assumed…and you know how that goes.)

Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 52 – Season 3

Comic book round table. This week we have – Spider Gwen #1, Suiciders #1, Secret Identity #1, Multiversity: Mastermen #1, Silk #1 and more ………..

Run Times –PODCAST logo2

News In Comics…. – 1:51- 12:47

Spider Gwen #1 – 13:09- 21:27

Suiciders #1 – 21:27- 30:09

Secret Identity #1 – 30:09- 39:31

Multiversity: Mastermen #1 – 39:31- 50:44

Silk #1 – 50:44- 1:00:50

Books to look for – 1:00:50

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MwaP Episode -7: Nick Lowe’s Alibi

Tune In!
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The Merc Report has now joined the EMP family of podcasts and has now become “The Merc With a Podcast!” -EXPLICIT CONTENT

In this episode we review the Deadpool books books of January 2015.

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0:02:55 News
0:13:22 Deadpool movie SPOILERS
0:15:25 Hellhouse Fax
0:31:32 Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #4
0:38:46 Deadpool’s Art of War #4
0:45:17 Deadpool #40
0:57:22 Deadpool #41
1:04:56 Monty’s Predictions
1:11:43 Deadpool #35
1:23:17 Deadpool #36

Music by Jenki “Girls of Los Angeles”

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Thwipping Boys: The Walking Dead Them & The Distance

We’ve been pretty vocal about our disappointment with The Walking Dead recently, but we tried praying and maybe someone up there might have heard us.

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Cold Beer and Comics Season 2 Episode 1: Love is in the Air

Cold_Beer_revCold Beer and Comics Season 2 Episode 1: Love is in the Air (Explicit Language Warning)

Opening Small Talk: We talk about Corey’s birthday celebrations, Richard Simmons, our favorite video defunct video format and giving up single issues.

17:27 The News: Zelda on Netflix, Spidey comes home, Sribd unlimited comics, Star Wars (spoiler from 25:56~29:12) and Aquaman revealed.

32:18 Our look at the greatest couples in comics … we get a little off the rails here and talk a little too much about body parts. We also give a great idea to Brian Michael Bendis (Wolverine and STDs … ‘Nuff Said)

57:20 Mixed Bag Reviews: Galaxy Quest #1, Southern Bastards #7, Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini #3.

69:56 Beer of the Week: Ballast Point Brewery’s Sculpin Ale

76:10 Beer and Hero Pairing: Sculpin is best sipped with the biggest wet blanket in the Marvel Season 2 Ep 1 CoverUniverse.

78:36 Korean Student Family Feud: Corey asked 100 Korean students from the ages of 8~12 a series of questions. Who has a mind most like a Korean child, Fox or Marsh?

87:53 Retro Read: Career Girl Romances #24

Cold Beer and Comics Theme by Ryan Heenan.

Retro Read available at comicbookplus.com.

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Comic Timing Extra Point – Episode 12: Fan Films and Power Rangers


Earlier this week, producer Adi Shankar and director Joseph Kahn put their 15 minute fan film Power/Rangers on the web. Three days later, the film has been taken off of both YouTube and Vimeo due to copyright claims by Saban Brands and its lawyers. You can still find the movie on Facebook, of which Shankar thanks for not bending to the copyright claim.

Ian is joined by The Black Box’s Shawn Pryor and Ignorant BlissJulian Lytle for this Extra Point to discuss the star-studded short in full (James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff, seriously!), what some of the original Rangers thought about the short, along with where we think the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot may go as a film, what fan films mean to the industry as a whole, what it takes to make a mature film versus a mature content film, and a whole lot more where that came from!

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View from the Gutters #107 — Umbral

This week on View from the Gutters our topic work is Umbral, Vol. 1 & 2, by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten. Umbral is a fantasy story starring a young thief named Rascal, who has befriended the young prince of her native kingdom.

Things take a turn for the worse, however, when on the day of an eclipse the Umbral—a race of shapeshiting shadow monsters—return, slaughter the royal family, and take their place. Rascal finds herself on the run from the Umbral, along with a shifty (and possibly immortal) wizard, a smuggler, and a drunken scholar.

In our recommendation section, our hosts nominated The Royals: Masters of War, Princeless, Nimona, and Birthright for discussion on the next episode, and our selected title is The Royals: Masters of War.

Our hosts for this episode are Andrew Chard, Tobiah Panshin, Kayleigh Fleeman, and Brant Gillihan-Eddy.

Comics Alternative Episode 124: Reviews of 10 Different Number One Issues

Krazy Komics Kavalcade


On this week’s podcast, the Two Guys with PhDs take on a gargantuan task: they review ten different #1 issues from a variety of publishers. First they look at several debuts from Image Comics, including Bryan Hill, Matt Hawkins, and Isaac Goodhart’s Postal; Jimmie Robinson’s The Empty; Brian Joines, Jay Faerber, and Ilias Kyriazis’s Secret Identities; and Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, and J. Bone’s Sparks Nevada: Marshall on Mars. After those they discuss three new titles from Dark Horse Comics, such as Richard Corben’s Rat God, Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson’s Ei8ht, and Dean Motter’s Mister X: Razed. And then they wrap up with two #1 issues from BOOM! Studios/Archaia — Swifty Lang and Skuds McKinley’s Plunder, and Ed Brisson and Damian Couceiro’s Cluster — and finally Ryan Ferrier and Valentin Ramon’s D4ve from IDW Publishing. Almost all of these new titles are worth checking out, with enthusiastic recommendations going to Cluster, Secret Identities, and especially the clever and comedic D4ve (perhaps the best of the bunch). And while Derek and Andy W. try to focus on the positive, they aren’t overly enamored of Sparks Nevada, a miniseries based off of a Thrilling Adventure Hour performance. In fact, some of the comedy in this first issue seems to rely — and, at times, confusingly so — on sounds, a strategy that doesn’t translate as effectively in comics. But outside of this little bump, this episode presents a smooth and enjoyable trip down the road of recent comicsdom. There’s a lot to digest in the extra-long podcast, so just sit back, relax, listen up, and let the Two Guys do the driving.


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Episode 124 Image

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

John Mayo and Kay Kellam have a spoilers filled discussion about the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie.

Time Codes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 Spoiler filled discussion
1:14:59 Wrap up
1:15:29 End of episode.

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An Odor of Homeless


The brothers Feenstra discuss a 42 country Civilization game, space bears and Dawson Leery’s uber dark and gritty Power Rangers fan film




episode art by M. Tillery – Cyaneus.com

Does vitiligo count as a secondary mutation?

The Fantastic Four trailer, Tyrese Gibson wanting to be Green Lantern, X-files coming back to TV, Nintendo game being sold for 100k on ebay and more geeky goodness are all covered in this episode.




Radio Free Asgard 184


This week, we close out the Thor: God of Thunder series with issue #25! The Girls of Thunder have reading adventures as we find out the origins of Malekith, we have a 2 page preview of the new Girl Thor series, and Young Thor drinks out of an eyeball! EWWWWW!!!

The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #196-“He’s not a Galactic Force For No-Goodness”


We babble for a while about actresses and men’s magazines. Eventually we get to DCs with WONDER WOMAN 37-council meetings and monsters; BATMAN 37-where Alfred suddenly has multiple advanced degrees in chemistry and biochemistry; SECRET SIX 1 that was just…um. yeah. BATGIRL 37, a seemingly hamfisted commentary on internet fame; DETECTIVE 37, with Hatter and Anarky goin nutsy. Moving rapidly to SINESTRO 8 gets us motherboxes. The HARLEY QUINN HOLIDAY SPECIAL has a couple fun things that’s worth a dollar box purchase. SUPERMAN 37 keeps us entertained as we see the consequences of blowing up worlds. ASTRO CITY 18 continues the great and detailed backstory of Quarrel. WOLF MOON 1 has a new take on the whole werewolf thing. JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 13 is fun but thin. Oh, and we cut a whole John Stewart aside cause we’ve said the exact same things before. Come check us out on Facebook, twitter @themeanergeek, leave us voicemail at 203 533 4910 and mail us
at themeanergeek@gmail.com, and occasionally see what we have to say textually at www.themeangeek.com

Come visit us and get on the show at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON! We’ll be at tables L17 and 18!

EMX Episode 27- Soar On, Kissy-Face

Tune In!
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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the EMX!

In this eXplicit, uncut and unedited episode of EMX we review X-Men books books of January 2015. Featuring guest host Andy Rider (Twitter @TheAndyRider)

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All-New X-Factor #19-20
Amazing X-Men #14
Spider-Man and the X-Men #2
Uncanny X-Men #30
Wolverines #1-4
X-Men #23
Magneto #14
Storm #7
Death of Wolverine: Weapon X #5

Corwin’s Comic Geek Speak Forum Rant

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