AudioShocker Podcast #245 – Real Sh*t

AudioShocker Podcast
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Neal Shyam and Nick Marino

Justique Woolridge

Show Notes:
It’s the end. The final episode. After six and a half years of honest conversation, weird jokes, technical problems, and eating noises, we’ve decided to hang up our filth-soaked hand towel and retire the AudioShocker.

On this, our 788th podcast (recorded live in Neal’s Brooklyn apartment!), we talk about whatever the hell we wanna talk about. That means goofy NSFW stories and a little bit of AudioShocker nostalgia.

Nick also shares a personal recap of the 2014 MoCCA Arts Fest, with shoutouts to AudioShocker listeners and exhibitors Doug DeRocher and Delia Gable.

Finally, Justique delivers a live disclaimer over the end theme, and we play listener messages from Carrie Howarth and Michael a.k.a. dreadnaut.

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