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Everything Blows with Ross and Nick
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Ross Campbell and Nick Marino

Kelly Thompson

Show Notes:

Announcing the Everything Blows Iron Man Fanart Contest! Ross and Nick are giving away 40 issues starring the Armored Avenger… Iron Man #281-318 and annuals. Enter the contest by designing your own Iron Man armor and posting a link to it here in the comments. Entry deadline is Monday, January 20th. The winner will be announced on the next episode.

We begin the episode with a review of last summer’s Iron Man 3. Kelly and Ross dig the film, finding it surprisingly strong compared to Iron Man 2. But Nick is indifferent to it and decides that he’s done watching new big budget action movies.

However, Nick is not indifferent to the depiction of District 11 in The Hunger Games, which inspires a passionate debate regarding Suzanne Collins’s use of African-American culture and history to establish thematic touchstones and metaphors in the book. Kelly offers a compelling defense of the depiction, Nick gets hyperbolic with his attack, and Ross agrees with everybody.

The conversation shifts to Kelly’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign for her new novel, Storykiller. We discuss a conundrum she’s facing with her incentive levels — the book is going to be a hardcover that’ll require a pledge of around $35 bucks to get it. Are there people who’ll demand a softcover version? Will this price leave more frugal backers out in the cold? Or will those people be fine with a digital version of the book and some small schwag?

After the end theme, it’s time for comic news and we discover that we only wanna laugh at ridiculous action figure news. Plus, we discuss Kelly’s recent review of Catwoman #26 and we analyze a few pages from the issue.

Next Episode:
We name the prestigious winner of our Everything Blows Iron Man Fanfart Contest and talk about some other stuff.

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