Wayne’s Comics #117: Marc Guggenheim and Douglas Wolk

Marc Guggenheim, The Flash, Arrow, The CW, Steven Amell, Douglas Wolk, Judge Dredd, Mega-City 2, IDW, Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics

It’s time for another special week at the Wayne’s Comics podcast, with two great interviews!

First up is Marc Guggenheim, the showrunner at the successful Arrow series on The CW! We talk about recent events on the show and how the program appeals to both comics fans and non-comics readers alike!  If you haven’t been watching it, make sure you catch it each Wednesday at 8 p.m.!

Next up is an interview with Douglas Wolk, the scripter for IDW’s great Judge Dredd: Mega-City 2 miniseries. We discuss how he became such a Dredd fan and how this series, his first comic-book work ever, is a perfect fit!

More great interviews coming next week as we continue to explore 2014!


Simple 2 Savant Episode 1: Ready, Set, Go!


Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Simple 2 Savant podcast! A new podcast that is focused on making Tech and Gadgets fun and understandable. This week offers as an introduction to the show, host and what we hope to accomplish with the podcast over the upcoming episodes. Enjoy!


Zone 4 #254: Real World Events in Comics

The crew is back with some general talk and headlines, including Quicksilver’s costume in X-Men: Days of Future Past, the new Fantastic Four costumes, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and more.

Then it’s on to the main topic, discussing the use of real world events in comics. The guys each give an example of such an occurrence, and then create their own!

Finally, the guys wrap things up with some announcements.

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This Week’s Links and Topics

Empire 25 Covers

Fall of the First Family

Stan Lee Wants More Superheroes on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Walt Simonson Taking Sabattical from Mainstream Comics

Baron Von Strucker Cast in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Phoenix Books

Vatican Assassin Graphic Novel


Mike’s ComiXology Releases

New World Navigation

Top Cow Talent Hunt

River City Comics Expo

Independent Creators Expo (I.C.E.)

Singularity: The Rise of the Posthumans

New Babel Books

Comic Frontline

Dark Avenger INC

Zone 4 Top 5 for 1/22/14

Longbox Review Episode 62: Lazarus with Peter Rios

After too long an absence, Peter Rios returns to catch up on things Rios, and to discuss the great series Lazarus by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, and Santi Arcas.

Stay tuned for an upcoming episode where Peter and I discuss the entire run (through #22) of Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising.

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Thanks for listening!

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Comic Book Savant Episode 180: Movie Talk: Justice League: War And JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time


This week I will be reviewing Justice League: War and JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time. I will talk about the series that where influences for the movies and how well they where adapted to film. Also I talk about what characters or stories I would like Warner Bros to do a DC Universe movie on next. Enjoy!


IC3 Episode 137: “Slash Maraud”


This is a special episode for us. It’s Ian’s 1 year anniversary of being lucky enough to be a host of the flagship show on the Rhymes With Geek podcast network: The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast!

In celebration, Dante and Jeff serenade him, we talk about X-Men movies, CAPSLOCK gives us the skinny on Jeff’s wang, and Dante breathes slightly less loud than usual!

Slash Maraud #4 (of 6)
Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1
The Sixth Gun #38
Saga #18
Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW
Black Science #3

Hosted by Ian, Dante, and Jeff!
With a special rare appearance by CAPSLOCK!
This episode of IC3 could have been sponsored by:
Mallomars, by Nabisco!


Superman Fan Podcast Episode #292 Part II: Superman Family Comic Book Cover Dated January 1960: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #42!

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #42!

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #42!

SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN 42, January 1960, was published on November 19, 1959. It contained 32 pages for the cover price of a dime. The editor was Mort Weisinger, and the cover was pencilled by Curt Swan and inked by Stan Kaye, featuring the issue’s third and final story. All three stories have been reprinted in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: SUPERMAN FAMILY vol. III.

– THE BIG SUPERMAN MOVIE (9 pgs.), writer is unknown, but Curt Swan pencilled the story, which was inked by John Forte.

– PERRY WHITE, CUB REPORTER (7 pgs.), was written by Robert Bernstein, pencilled by Curt Swan and inked by John Forte. This story was also reprinted in 80 PG. GIANT 13, August 1965 (published around June 17, 1965), and SUPERMAN: DAILY PLANET.

– JIMMY THE GENIE (10 pgs.), was written by Robert Bernstein and pencilled by Curt Swan. According to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics and The Comic Book Database, Craig Flessel is credited as the inker. The Grand Comic Book Database lists the inker as possibly ?John Giunta?

Also highlighted in this episode are the ads and other features in this issue, including the JIMMY OLSEN’S PEN PALS letter column.

Elsewhere in DC Comics, 23 titles carried the January or January/February 1960 cover date.




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Thanks for listening to the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman!

Feed It Comics #25 – “Summoned”


It will become obvious soon into this episode that Doc Fluxx is in some serious trouble. The insolence of certain other members of the Rhymes With Geek Network who had recently vowed to serve the master has not gone unnoticed, and his potentially maleficent lord of lords is even less pleased with the incident that caused Father Shepherd to be trapped between dimensions.

Fear not, however! We are getting this supreme mothership of other lesser flagship podcasts back into order, and the Professor and your good doctor have some comic talk in store. Join us as we aim to improve our operation and impress upon you the appeal of our steadily growing cult.

Thanks for listening. Be a good chap and review us on itunes or Stitcher it would be incredibly cool of you and it will help us jump up in the standings. Surely you want the whole world to have access to such premium free media! Also, there is a comment section below meant for discussions. Try communicating with us, it may be the best thing you’ve done within hours.


Topics we cover:

  • DC Animation
  • Son Of Batman
  • Justice League: War
  • S.H.I.E.L.D
  • Peter is back
  • Gem Awards
  • Deadly Class
  • The Midas Flesh
  • Secret Avengers
  • Umbral

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Girls With Issues #19

Batman 27Superior Spider-Man 25Hacktivist

This week we talk Batman #27, Superior Spider-Man #25, Hacktivist #1, DC giveth and taketh away comic titles, Image is a Diamond’s best friend, Powerpuff Girls get a peep show makeover, Superman vs. Batman is one more year away from the disappointment of all nerdom.


Radio Free Asgard 136



This week we come to you from Jotunheim (well it feels like it, anyway!) – Our offering this week is a review of Thor #164, featuring Odin reading a book! Balder possibly hallucinating! Meanwhile Thor & Sif face off against Pluto! (not *that* Pluto!)

 Plus, Smilin’ Stan is coming to C2E2!

Super Hero Speak – #39: Tony DiGerolamo

This week John and Dave sit down with special guest Tony DiGerolamo. Tony is the writer of such comics as Bart Simpsons comics, The Simpsons, Super Frat, Tony DiGerolamo’s The Travelers and many others. You can catch Tony’s most current work on http://www.thewebcomicfactory.com/. The guys discuss Tony’s career, kids at conventions and toward the end they get a little political. It’s a bit of a left turn for us, but we still had fun with this one. We hope you enjoy.


You can find   Tony DiGerolamo on the web here: http://www.thewebcomicfactory.com/

and follow him on twitter here: https://twitter.com/TonyDiGerolamo

And as always please leave feedback on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Superherospeak



Pop Media Savant Episode 106: Movie Talk: Catching Up On My Movies


This week it is all about movies I have dedicated the episode to movies reviews. I continue to work through my ever growing stack of unwatched movies to bring you review and recommendations of the following movies Lone Survivor, Frozen, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Escape Plan, and American Hustle. Enjoy!


Empire magazine X Men Days of Future Past covers, WWE Royal Rumble and Taylor Swift attacked at the Grammys!


Hi! We have a show for you!

Is it good? Is it f*ck!

Let’s get to it!


Podbean makes us sad

Did Gene Simmons trademark the term “OJ”?

It’s fun game to play when you play “GUESS POO”!

The Grammys; here’s a tip, it was horrible

Lorde is the oldest looking 17 year old you’ll ever see

Taylor Swift’s lizard brain needed to finally kick into “socially acceptable” mode

Madonna struggles to maintain relevancy

Tame Impala? Moar liek “LAME Impala”

Our rundown of the Triple J hottest 100

Vance Joys Riptide is like somebody glued a ukulele to a cardboard cut-out and threw it out the window

C Bomb says: Music Videos/Madonna has ruined music as we know it today

The WWE Royal Rumble… good times


UFP Crew questions and talk tops

–          Joe Buffet is moving in

–          “Famous” WA food brands

–          Peter Capaldi’s new Dr Who get up

–          UFP in LA?

–          The X Men: Days of Future Past Empire magazine covers

–          Insane man will stab you to get to Koalas!




–          Bruce Timm on All New X-Men #25

–          Helix on the Syfy network

–          Deathlok joins Agents of SHIELD

–          Maleficent trailer

–          EA’s MASSIVE quarterly loss

–          Satoru Iwata’s pay cut for Nintendo’s poor performance

–          The massive EVE online battle that cost gamers USD 300,000

–          Ukraine developers make depressing games; what a surprise!!!

–          Sly Cooper movie coming in 2016

–          Okhlos, the new Pikmin inspired indie-dev game


The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #159Episode #159 “..Womprats Are the Biggest Problem In the Tri-State Area”


We watch Deathrace 3000; announce some SUPERMACHOJEDIKNIGHT.COM items; wonder about Batman Eternal; we start indie week with Extinction Agenda 3; Rev Gets Self congratulatory about Afterlife with Archie1 ; largely like Shadow Now 1; feel it has some nice concepts; Rocketeer and Spirit 2 makes us happy; Brother Lono 5 with dreams ans suspicions; Star Wars 10 , with daring escapes and dying pilots, running smugglers, and more! We spend a lot of time on Star Wars tonight, and “THE” Star Wars 2; Letter 44, with some questionable scientific team-choosing; We finally get to Sandman Overture 1, which i felt was talky and plodding. Baltimore- The Infernal Train 2; giant fights with police, vampires, crusaders, steam engines and more. SHOOT First 1; a lot of exposition and a lame concept of spiritual warfare. Buck Rogers 2, where they recruit spies to infiltrate the Han while Buck tries to convince the Americans of their true position. Pretty Deadly 1 with deaths daughter; Saga 15 having journalist run around like the lollipop league; Lazarus 4, with a frame up and explosions; Velvet 1 with SPIES SPIES SPIES! Uber 6 covering the Japanese panzermech program; Astro City 5 with the blasphemy boys; Kurt seems on acid for this issue? Sex Criminals 2, with the guys puerile back story. 3, number 1where the point is Spartans are horrible people; Satellite Aam 4, where nothing happens. God is Dead 2 with PANTHEON TEAM UP; and so much more.

Come check us out on Facebook, twitter @themeanergeek , leave us voicemail at 203 533 4910 and mail us at themeanergeek@gmail.com, and occasionally see what we have to say textually at www.themeangeek.com

Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 72: A Review of Six New Comic Book Titles

Comics for Kids with Backhoes

6-ComicsThis week Gene and Derek take a look at six new titles. They begin with a discussion of two new works from Image Comics, the first three issues of Alex + Ada (Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn) and Deadly Class #1 (Rick Remender and Wes Craig). They go into depth on both titles, especially Craig’s art in Deadly Class and the narrative pacing in Alex + Ada, which ultimately leads to a discussion on panel sequencing and story decompression. Next, they look at issues #1-3 of Letter 44, written by Charles Soule with art by Alberto Jiménez Albuquerque (Oni Press). They discuss its unique take on science fiction within the context of recent politics. From there, they turn to recent #1 issues from three other publishers: David Lapham’s Juice Squeezers (Dark Horse Comics), Bill Willingham and Sergio Fernandez DaVilla’s Legenderry (Dynamite Entertainment), and Curse from BOOM! Studies (written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel, with art by Riley Rossmo, Colin Lorimer). In this episode, the Two Guys with PhDs are all over the place, moving from all-age comics to Bush-era politics to licensed characters to horror titles to science fiction to steampunk to Reagan’s Morning in America. There’s a lot packed into this show…more bang for your buck!

So enjoy, won’t you?

This week’s incidental music is brought to you by
great compilation A Hard Nights Day: 45 Classic Singles: A History of Stiff Records

Episode 71 Image