FEED IT COMICS PRESENTS: Doc’s Diagnosis ep.2

Doc is back with a whole other stack of comics to rip through, and he recruited a bit of help in the form of ComixCrux.com's writer/editor Wesley Messer! Fans of the Geekening podcast of yore should know who I'm talking about.In this episode we talk Batman #23, Trillium #2, FBP #2, Daredevil #30, Gamma One Shot, Red Sonja #2, It Girl #12, Star Wars #8, and East of West #5! Join us. Or die! Oh, and of course don't forget to listen to our regular show Feed It Comics!
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Books we cover:

  • Batman #23
  • Trillium #2
  • FBP (Federal Bureau if Physics) #2
  • Daredevil #30
  • Red Sonja #2
  • It Girl #12
  • Star Wars #8
  • East of West #5
  • Gamma One SHot
Visit ComixCrux.com to view Wes's contributions to comic book journalism. Find him on twitter HERE. http://feeditcomics.podomatic.com/enclosure/2013-09-09T16_40_53-07_00.mp3 LISTEN HERE IN NEW WINDOW itunes-logo    


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