Ultimate Facepalm 74: Elysium Review, Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and Tony Abbott: Global Embarrassment

UFP_logo   NSFW!!!!   Nice to see you again! I can’t believe it’s been a week! Well I’ll shut my digital trap and let you get on with your fix….   C Bomb’s been busy with the movers and shakers We give a little love to our other podcasting friends   UFP CREW QUESTIONS! -          Checking out Wolverine’s Canon…. Uh, what? -          The Ant Man movie shall succeed -          A little peek into the UFP library -          Recording the show on the can -          Hunterwalk a.k.a. utterly self-entitled asshole -          The movie ‘Super’ -          Attila; sweet tap-dancing jesus Christ, are they ever awful! -          We hope parents never confuse “Nick Jr” with “Nick Fury Jr” -          Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and we talk about the return of Breaking Bad and the horrible existence of ‘Talking Bad’ -          Marvel’s possibility of releasing a Guardians of the Galaxy omnibus     NEWS! Tony Abbott makes the jump from NATIONAL embarrassment to GLOBAL embarrassment!   MOVIE REVIEW – Elysium   UFP MOVIE REVIEW CHALLENGE!!!!! -          The Canyons -          Pain and Gain -          The Purge Vote on our FB page now!     NERD NEWS! -          Neill Blomkamp’s new movie – Chappie -          Rumor mill: WB offers Christian Bale $60mil to reprise the Batman role -          First trailer for Frank Darabont’s L.A. Noir TV show ‘Mob City’ -          Collider already renamed “F.B.P.” after only one issue -          Kevin Maguire joins Brian Michael Bendis on Guardians of the Galaxy -          Trillium review 3/5 -          Sidekick review 4/5 -          Orange is the new Black -          Christina Hendricks on Game of Thrones? -          John Romita Jr leaving Marvel? -          Comic Book Heroes on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company)