RBDHB: Bat-Fleck

It’d be a disservice to the title of our podcast, our fans and ourselves not to discuss the latest development in the realm of superhero cinema. So… We are discussing Ben Affleck playing the new Batman in the Superman and Batman crossover due 2015.

Also Update: We talk about Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor which I am sad to say was a rumor (sourcefednews.com/bryan-cranston-i…an-steel-sequel/) We still feel the same and He would have done an amazing job as Lex Luthor.





WeBeGeeks Episode 36: WeBeGeeks Casting Couch, Casting Call, Whatever! Vol.2


The guys are joined by Marc (Why You Should Be Reading columnist) as they start the new monthly series when the three of them cast a movie they want to see done. This month, Young Avengers. Marc, Eric and Mike also discuss Batfleck, Nintendo and news from the week. Also did you know that half the comics shipped are variant covers? Want to know more? then listen to the voice of the Geek Revolution!

The Hour Cosmic, Episode 38: The Breakfast Club with Dan Vebber

Welcome to another installment of The Hour Cosmic, your favorite comics game show! This week, our guest is Dan Vebber, writer for Futurama!

On this week’s show, among other things, we discuss:

-The science of Futurama!

-The level of superfan Dan is for “Morning Glories” (hint: the highest level)!

-The middle name “Jay!”

Let’s meet our guest, shall we?

Dan Vebber is a co-executive producer and writer on the soon to be ending Futurama on Comedy Central. Dan has also written episodes of “The Simpsons” and “American Dad,” as well editing The Onion and having a story in Things I’ve Learned From Women Who Dumped Me, a hilarious book, published in 2009, that at least two of our hosts have on their bookshelves. He is working on a secret new project that we hope will be on the air soon!

As always, your hosts are:

Matthew Meylikhov – Bostonian, cat and beard enthusiast, co-writer of “Detective Space Cat” with Colin Bell, writer of “Morning Glories Babies,” “Morning Glories Academy Study Hall” (both backmatter for the Image Comics series “Morning Glories“) and “Control,” and letterer extraordinaire. He reads more comics than anyone on the planet, and has sworn off White Castle for life.

Brian Salvatore – New Jerseyan, New York Mets enthusiast, host of “Input/Output,” a music podcast, and occasional blogger/freelance writer. He has never met a dog he didn’t like (even that one that bit his leg when he was 10), and has baked better bread than he ever thought possible.

Chad Bowers – South Carolinian, GI Joe enthusiast, co-writer of “Subatomic Party Girls” “Down Set Fight,” and “Awesome Hospital” with Chris Sims, and writer of “Monster Plus.” He teaches us cool expressions like “Oh, snakes!” and has a lot of opinions about barbeque.

You can interact with the show in all sorts of ways – first of all, please rate, review and subscribe to the show in iTunes. You can email us at thehourcosmic@tellmesomething.org. You can follow the hosts on Twitter – @chadbowers, @brianneedsanap, and @mattisnotarobot – and while on Twitter, make sure to use the hashtag #TheHourCosmic – or tweet the shot directly @thehourcosmic. You can check out our website at thehourcosmic.com, as well as the websites of our corporate overlords at multiversitycomics.com and tellmesomething.org. We, like your mom and that weird kid from high school, are on Facebook, too. Our amazing announcer is Ken Beck – follow him on Twitter and check out his Tumblr. You can check out all of the other great comic shows on the Comics Podcast Network, and you can listen to us anywhere via the Stitcher app.

Mayo Report: 2013-07 Trades

John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 graphic novels and collected editions for July 2013.

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IC3 Episode 114: The Pancake Code

We rail on Dante a lot in this episode (and not in the way you’re thinking, CREEP!), but its mostly Dante railing on himself (yes, in the way you’re thinking, CREEP!)

Dante and Jeff also talk about how Doctor Who has affected their friendship love life, and Jeff passes pancake wisdom down to you that was passed down to him and that you will pass down to your shitty kids and stupid grandkids.

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #8
Captain Marvel #15
Sex #6
Federal Bureau of Physics #2
Deadpool #15
Young Avengers #9
Ultimate Comics Spider-man #26
Red Lanterns #23
New Avengers #9
Wonder Woman #23
Thanos Rising #5

Come back next week and join in us for our

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, and Ian!


W.I.P. # 219 – Norm Breyfogle Pt. 1

On this episode I talk with Norm Breyfogle. We discuss his comic origins, the state of comics today and working with various properties. (Part 1)

Radio Free Asgard 117


This week we return to the present day as we cover Thor: God of Thunder #8!! This issue features a snotty child, flying, glowing space sharks, Earth-centric religious references and bad physics!

Longbox Review Episode 52: Batman, Inc. #13

There’s so much to love about Batman, Incorporated #13 (the epic conclusion!), that I chat a bit about it.

Please send your comments to longboxreview@gmail.com, or leave voicemail at 208-953-1841. Please rate and review on iTunes. I’m on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Thanks for listening!


Critiquing Comics #051: “Black Alpha”

Black AlphaIn Deconstructing Comics #303, Tim talked to Tom Rasch about how he was monetizing his comics project Black Alpha, a superheroes-in-space story. Now he’s asked Tim and Mulele to critique the first issue. They find that, while it’s a nice-looking comic, it has some issues…

Deconstructing Comics site

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Earth’s Mightiest Podcast: Episode 64 Pants Off Dance Off

Tune In!
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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

In this episode we review Avengers #15-16, New Avengers #8, Secret Avengers #6, Young Avengers #7-8, Uncanny Avengers #10, Avengers Assemble #17, Captain Marvel #14 and Avengers Arena #12.

0:00:00 Sponsor DCBService.com
0:12:31 Midtro
0:19:39 Avengers #15
0:26:22 Avengers #16
0:32:00 New Avengers #8
0:45:11 Secret Avengers #6
0:53:35 Avengers AI #1
1:03:19 Avengers Arena #12
1:10:20 Avengers Assemble #17
1:13:04 Captain Marvel #14
1:20:57 Uncanny Avengers #10
1:29:06 Young Avengers #7
1:33:57 Young Avengers #8
1:53:59 OMD
2:03:11 Viet’s Comicbook Haiku
2:04:25 The Crowl Call

Music: EMP theme song
By Tribe One

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Website – http://www.EarthsMightiestPodcast.com
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Forums – http://forum.earthsmightiestpodcast.com

Hey Kids, Comics Vol2 35 Full Sack


Time to delve into the bulging sack once more dear friends for an episode devoted to addressing the concerns of the lovely listeners. I would like to tell you what topics await herein but why spoil the surprise? In addition – for this is no mere EMAIL episode released by lazy podcasters enjoying their summer holiday – No, this episode includes a State Of The Comics Address were Micheal and Andrew look at all the good stuff currently being published by the majors and the indies.



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Ultimate Facepalm Episode 76: Ben Affleck as Batman, Pepsi flavored Cheetos and Idris Elba screams “The Warriors shot Cyrus!”




It’s G Money’s Birthday so don’t expect anything to make any sense (even less so than usual)

Enough faffing about, let’s get to it!


Miley Cyrus at the MVAs – Lose your mind or J.J. Dillon

Ben Affleck as Batman; Amazing and horrifying internet response

Give me $9.2 million and we’ll lose or gain as much weight as you’d like!


UFP Crew Questions

–          Riff Raff for Australian Prime Minister

–          Pepsi-flavored Cheetos: The world is officially on the decline

–          Comic book recommendations

–          Our thoughts on current Pro-wrestling promotions

–          Neil Armstrong: R.I.P.

–          You too can now SMELL like an Avenger (maybe)


Nerd News!

–          Bryan Cranston (more than likely) cast as Lex Luthor for a 6 movie deal

–          Justice League of America/Trinity War will make the internet explode

–          Justice League of Canada…..?

–          Lobo’s new origin/look is ‘hot garbage’

–          James Robinson on two unnamed Marvel ongoing titles

–          Mike Del Mundo on Superior Spider Man team up

–          Christopher Eccelston teases a Dr Who return in the 50th anniversary episode

–          New trailer for Jackass’ ‘Bad Grandpa’

–          Sega Australia’s attempt at re-releasing classic Sega titles

–          American Horror Story: Coven release date and new teaser trailer

–          Killer is Dead review

–          Saints Row 4 review

He’s Got Issues #83: New Comics 8/28/13


First Five:
1) Uncanny X-Men #11
2) Wolverine And The X-Men #35
3) Justice League #23
4) FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #2 (was ‘Collider’)
5) Lazarus #3

Top Ten:
6) Thor God Of Thunder #12
7) Young Avengers #9
8) Batman Superman #3
9) Uncanny Avengers #11
10) New Avengers #9

Best of the Rest:

  • Batman Incorporated Special #1
  • Batman The Dark Knight #23
  • Catwoman #23
  • Superman #23
  • Talon #11
  • Teen Titans #23
  • Tom Strong And The Planet Of Peril #2 (Of 6)


  • A+X #11
  • Avengers Arena #14
  • Captain America #10
  • Captain Marvel #15
  • FF #11
  • Gambit #16
  • Thanos Rising #5 (Of 5)
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26


  • Captain Midnight #2
  • The Massive #15


  • Mind The Gap #13
  • Morning Glories #30
  • Sex #6
  • Think Tank #9


  • Absolute Superman Batman Volume 1 HC
  • X-Men Magik Storm And Illyana TP


He’s Got Issues #83: Marvel Comics #27, 8/28/13



  • A+X #11
  • Astonishing X-Men #66
  • Avengers Arena #14
  • Captain America #10
  • Captain Marvel #15
  • Deadpool #15
  • FF #11
  • Gambit #16
  • Journey Into Mystery #655 (Final Issue)
  • New Avengers #9
  • Scarlet Spider #21
  • Secret Avengers #8
  • Thanos Rising #5 (Of 5)
  • Thor God Of Thunder #12
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #26
  • Uncanny Avengers #11
  • Uncanny X-Men #11
  • Wolverine And The X-Men #35
  • Wolverine MAX #10
  • Young Avengers #9


  • Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Volume 1 HC (New Printing)
  • Daredevil By Mark Waid Volume 4 TP
  • Fury MAX Volume 2 My War Gone By TP
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 1 Cosmic Avengers HC (Premiere Edition)
  • Marvel Masterworks The Fantastic Four Volume 15 HC
  • Marvel Masterworks The Incredible Hulk Volume 3 TP
  • Rocket Raccoon Tales From Half-World
  • Secret Avengers Volume 1 Reverie TP
  • X-Men Legacy Volume 2 Invasive Exotics TP
  • X-Men Magik Storm And Illyana TP
  • Young Avengers Volume 1 Style > Substance TP