Sidekickcast Episode #83 – A word from our sponsor

sidekick83 This week it all goes wrong from the get-go! We have special guest and stack Attack sponsor Rob Fish from @fish4comics hell bent on derailing the podcast. In the intro there's talk of Comicon-Basketball-Assault, Naked Thundercats and Pacific Rim(jobs). There's much shout outs and we find out why the comic OG's hang out in Christchurch! In the news we discuss X-force rumors and Dr Strange casting. The chaos ensues with Stack Attack. Reviews include: Satellite Sam #1, Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1, Hawkeye #11 & #12 and Lazarus #1. Rob has to go home, but a special guest makes an appearance for Secrets and Lies! Will it be enough to keep Dan's winning streak?