Pacific Rim review, Oldboy and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will be extraordinarily horrible

UFP_logo   NSFW!!!   PHEW! Long-ass show today! Lots to get through so here you go!   New Simpsons might be turning it around Coining phrases such as “One-handed Ad” and “Gayer than Baz Luhrmann’s browsing history” The “Jobs” cardboard cut-out may make you not want to see the movie Another reason why we do the Podcast is revealed (and it’s in relation to a highly implausible scenario) New vids are up on our YouTube channel Assholes….. Just….. assholes.   NEWS! Sh*thead DJ who drove nurse to kill herself is now suing her employers Getting SO drunk you want to pretend you’re Rebel Wilson Here’s one for you for free, DON’T visit the Legoland Discovery Centre at the Ontario tourism centre without a child with you   MOVIE REVIEWS! Pacific Rim Despicable Me 2   UPF CREW QUESTIONS! Kick Ass 2 review shall be forthcoming RIPD Movie Vin Diesel meeting with Marvel Which was worse; Nic Cage in Ghost Rider or Shaq in Steel?   NERD NEWS! @ 1 hour 30 mins Oldboy remake Ales Kot off Suicide Squad Andrew Hope to write an ongoing Fantomex series Fox to pick up League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series (and it will more than likely horrible) Curse of Chucky will be released to no audience Live action Jungle Book adaptation Sandman Overture, 6 issues being released bi-monthly New TV spot for Agents of SHIELD Smash Brothers will now be streaming Rockstar Job listing hints at PC port for GTA5 Assassin’s Creed IV manga to be released in Jump X on August 10 Game releases for the week:   -          11 July 2013          Star Wars Pinball          Wii U            Toki Tori 2          PC            Tiny Thief          iPhone   -          12 July 2013          Dynasty Warriors 8          Xbox 360, PlayStation 3   -          14 July 2013          Mega Man Unlimited          PC