Saints Row IV, Armie Hammer as Ant Man and Octodad: Dadliest Catch

UFP_logo NSFW!!! Well this is quite the interesting scenario. And by interesting I mean, potentially horrible. G Money will of course be back for the next show, but no point in denying the inevitable, let’s get to it!   G Money’s whereabouts and talking about Super hero movies SUPANOVA is a mere few days away!!! supanova-logo UFP crew questions -          Iggy Azalea -          Weapons used in fighting to the death -          Ultimate Facepalm ‘Freaky Friday’ crossover -          (Spoilers) No bottles were broken -          Scared and needing a hug -          80s movies should remain in the 80s -          DC film production company leaves the WB -          Are we still talking about Paula Deen? -          Wrestling not-quite professionally   NEWS   Kevin Rudd leadership spill Gerard Depardieu’s car crash (not a movie or anything, a literal car crash) The Rock’s “Hercules” diet (sans ‘roids)   NERD NEWS   Armie Hammer to play Ant Man? Why Saint’s Row IV and State of Decay were denied classification in Australia Deadpool game reviews Henry Cavill doesn’t see a Justice League movie coming anytime soon Tom Clancy’s The Division Killer is Dead Dead Rising 3 Octodad: Dadliest Catch South Park: The Stick of Truth Bayonetta 2 Batman: Arkham Origins Titanfall