James Gandolfini, The Last of Us and Paula Deen’s Calvin Candie themed party

UFP_logo NSFW!!!! Supanova isn’t far now. VERY exciting stuff! And another long one today to let’s get to it…. supanova-logo Supanova updates George R R Martin and Peter Dinklage coming to Australia in November Bow down to Nintendo Xbox and PS fanboys Masterchef struggles to maintain relevancy Paula Deen’s Calvin Candie themed party   UFP Crew Questions Mad Max game voice actors Chopper IS a great film Embarrassing pop culture guilty pleasures We cannot sing Cheese sandwiches Pat Benatar is too metal for our crew Under rated supernatural beings in movies A Jason Todd phone survey for every TV show once a season   NEWS James Gandolfini R.I.P. and bow down to the Sopranos More sh*tty journalism Australian newscasters find death and riots SOOOOOO funny! Russell Brand freaks out “journalists” Seal’s enormous backflip over his “leaving Australia” comments Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie reunion Sophie Monk’s “impressive” back story   NERD NEWS (@1hr 13mins) The Last of Us – Review (very slight spoilers) Age of Ultron final issue - Review (spoilers) Potential casting for Myles Morales Our town (Perth, Western Australia) heavily featured in Avengers #14 Robert Downey Jr officially signed on for Avengers 2 and 3 Mary Jane Watson written out of Amazing Spider Man sequel Independence Day 2 is actually happening (???) Ray Donovan starring Leiv Schreiber knocked G Money on his ass Xbox/Microsoft’s MASSIVE backflip on 24hr connection and game sharing New Gatchaman trailer New Kisai Breathalyzer watch via tokyoflash.com Wolfenstein The New Order gameplay vids from E3