Six Gun Gorilla, Reef Doctors officially sucks and Howard Sattler: Clod of the Highest Order

UFP_logo   Turning Japanese perhaps? I really think so. At least no-one can say we don’t cater to international markets! Now on with the retardedness!   SUPANOVA!!! supanova-logo “What do you think of The Hoff being here?” 1 like = 1 respect…. What the f*ck are you talking about? We shed a pink eye on the latest Japanese trend; Worming We are three times more optimal than the average podcast   UFP Crew Questions and Talk Topics! In-game walkthroughs Jimi Hendrix Vs Stevie Ray Vaughn Rupert Murdoch: P*ssy Hunter Jaden Smith’s Eyebrows Insulting a Podblocked host (upon their request!) Basking Sharks….. We aren’t sure why the f*ck The Digital Comic Revolution Hi Alison Grad Jones! You made us talk about Man of Steel We would rather see Taylor Swift than Fear Factory Complimenting a Podblocked host (upon another podcast’s request) Beating off to your daughter that you didn’t know was yours (stick with us on this one!)   NEWS! It’s official! Reef Doctors is a bona-fide piece of shit! (Amongst many other shows we have touted as garbage) Celebrities being slacktivist blowhards…. Plus the Robocop statues! UFP of the Week runner up: Worst car thief ever! UFP of the Week: Howard Sattler, f*cking clod of the highest order   NERD NEWS!!! Comic reviews! -          Superman Unchained -          Batman #21 -          The American Vampire Anthology -          The Wake -          The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys -          Six Gun Gorilla Sons of Anarchy comic via Boom studios Astonishing Captain America New Defenders of the Earth comic Jonathan Hickman’s God is Dead via Avatar Press Journey into Mystery ending??? Matt Fraction’s Sex Criminals (a MUST for pre-orders as they WILL sell out!) Zero by Ales Kot Reality Check from Image 300: Rise of an Empire trailer Man of Tai Chi trailer Alpha Papa (Alan Partridge Movie) trailer Iain Banks RIP Yes, we are getting a 65 year old Terminator IGN people’s choice for E3 goes to: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Final Fantasy XV looks incredible! Xbox One/Microsoft response for “always online” and used games PS4 will be region free and a removable/upgradable 500GB hard drive Ouya sh*t fight