Special guest John Robertson, DC’s 3D covers and Hayden Panettiere: Mars bar thief

UFP logo NSFW!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hello! We have a wild, rockin’ ride for you’re here! C Bomb apologizes profusely for the fact he sounds like he’s recording in another room (when in fact he was sitting right next to the other guys).     John Robertson joins us as our very first guest on the show! He regales his tales of starting out, gigs, The Dark Room, Supanova, Echo the Dolphin, defending the French and future shows. www.thejohnrobertson.com www.facebook.com/johnrobertsoncomedy supanova-logo   There is no Chinese equivalent to “Teddy Bear” Hayden Panettiere steals ALL the Mars bars John’s arguable levels of success on other podcasts Throwing offal into the crowd WILL brand you a genius “You’re gonna be a big star the minute you cut that sh*t out….” The Dark Room is coming to Edinburgh and London We discuss porn…. Yeah, sorry…. #wordsbiggerthanmarmalade   UFP Crew Questions -          Addressing where the light switch is -          What Australian comedians we should be listening to   NERD NEWS! (@ 1 hour 5 mins)   The Game of Thrones internet sh*tstorm debacle Benicio Del Toro signed with Marvel for a 4 picture deal Fables from DC now entering TV development Venture Brothers returns! DC’s 3D covers! HOORAY! The Purge Preview G Money does not like the new Avengers Assemble Cartoon X Men #1 Catwoman’s demise and then resurrection Latest E3 appearances Game releases for the week: Class of Heroes 2            Eve Online: Odyssey     Limbo   Marvel Heroes Remember Me The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Legendary Edition   State of Decay  Early reviews of Remember Me